Sample Admission Essay Paper on Commercial Note

Nowadays, with the competitive work environments, the pressure to perform is becoming so intense that people are turning to unethical means in an attempt to derive some benefits for their companies, or simply keep their jobs. Acting in an ethical manner implies being able to distinguish right from wrong then making the right decision (Bradgate, White, and Llewelyn 305). Therefore, ethics is an important factor in any business including the trading of commercial papers.

A simple ethical consideration is the discipline of the organization and respect between the customer and the organization. This goes a long way in ensuring that the organization does not use words or language, in any article that can offend the customer or degrade the moral and ethical caliber of the organization. The main obligation is to assess if the company is upholding the requirements by law through the choice of words in documents.

The article or message therein should be timely to the expectations of the customer. For instance, when a message is delivered at the right time, it is worth reading. Customers would not want to read outdated information, just as industries would not want to use outdated technology whereas there are more improved means of doing things. Accuracy and precise content must be maintained (Bradgate, White, and Llewelyn 305). These two elements are what validate the contract and transaction involving the commercial paper.

Therefore, a customer should personally look into the performance record of an organization to determine their performance in the past. This can help one to avoid substandard work or information purely based on rumors. Furthermore, this will help build the trust and loyalty of the customer and strengthens the organization’s reputation. Therefore, saying that a customer is always right can be a huge bonus to an organization if taken seriously. Otherwise if not, it would be as detrimental to the organization as biting the hands that feed it!


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