Sample Admission Essay on the Five Most Important Traits In My Professional And Educational Endeavors

Communication skills

It refers to the ability to pass information among parties involved in the operation of an organization. Communication skills help the management team as well as employees to avoid misunderstandings that could turn to be expensive to the organization by limiting the success of the organization. Good skills in communication help in defining what the parties are expected to do and thus are effective in their work positions thus increasing productivity. In my professional endeavors, this trait will help me get and deliver information and thus will work effectively.


This is the unity at work that is depicted by parties involved in an organization. Teamwork helps in making appropriate decisions in an organization, which in return leads to the development of rich ideas. In my educational endeavors, I will be able to assemble teams that we can work together with in studying. Professionally, teamwork will help me contributing towards finding solutions to problems that could arise in the organization.

Work ethics

These are accepted values and principles that provide guidelines for an organization’s programs, decisions and policies. Work ethics ensures that an organization maintains a culture that is acceptable in the society as well as in the organization, which in general creates a good reputation. Professionally, this trait will help me comply with principles that an organization could set and thus leading to job and organizational satisfaction.


It is the open and honest trait that parties in an organization depict, which provides a platform for a strong cultural foundation in an organization. This is through the suitable environment for sharing information that is built as a result. This trait will help me in my professional endeavors, as I will get a platform to give any information that may be of help to the organization, without fearing any negative consequences that may deter me from doing so.


This is a construct for influencing people to develop desires to do things. Motivation, in an organization makes employees work hard to achieve set objectives. Motivation includes creating an ample environment for employees and thus get desires to work harder. In my educational endeavors, this trait will help me achieve educational goals and thus will connect me with my career pathway.