Sample Essay on Job Descriptions

The position of a customer service assistant at the front desk is comparable to the positions of data entry clerk, receptionist, administrative assistant, file clerks, research administrator, and human resource assistants. These positions are equivalent as they have related job descriptions. An administrative assistant is in charge of administrative support activities for different managers (Media Group, 2015). The assistant assumes other duties related to other job positions. These duties include receiving and making telephone calls on behalf of the department or the organization, word processing, receiving and directing visitors and maintenance of data records (Media Group, 2015). These positions also require similar skills such as customer service, communication skills, data entry skills, internet, and research skills. There are slight differences in these positions. For instance, a data entry clerk may not require customer care skills but must be cautious and critical on data. A human resource assistant may not be in possession of research skills but must have strong communication skills. However, other unique skills may be acquired from job experience.

The production line has various positions such as the production assembler, line attendant, manual breakcrew, production worker, contingent worker, machine operator, and assembly technician. Generally, these positions assume production roles. An assembler, manual breakcrew are in charge of training upcoming assemblers (ACBJ, 2015). This position guarantees that the production process flow is with respect to the set standards and guidelines. Production worker and assembler are also involved with communication with regard to the production schedules. Therefore, an assembler performs different roles in the production assembly, and maintenance of the standards. The role ensures that there is a continuous process of production. The main difference between these positions and the position of a contingent worker is the role of conducting excellent inspections on the line.  Other roles related to these positions include packing of the products into boxes and inspection of the packages for seals and codes (ACBJ, 2015).



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