Sample Essay on How to Plan

Question 1

Preparing a departmental vision is difficult than preparing the vision for the entire organization. A departmental vision must meet the specific needs and responsibilities of the people working within the department as well as the overall goals of the organization. Therefore, department leaders must know the duties and responsibilities of the people within the department to establish an ideal vision. In the case of Byrd, the overall duty of the transportation department that he oversees is to ensure that students are transported to and from school for effective learning. A vision for this department must include the purpose of the team, the duties of the members of the department, how employees envision the department, and the shared responsibilities of the department. As such, Byrd must define the different roles of the members within his department to create an effective vision for the department (Leornard, 2012).

Question 2: Mission Statement

The mission statement for the transportation department is to provide safe and efficient transport to the Hartford community school corporation (HCSC) to allow students and faculty leaders to carry out their duties effectively. To achieve the stated mission, the department will carry out the following duties:

  • Acquire the necessary vehicles to carry out the required tasks
  • Maintain a high quality of employees who will take care of the maintenance and service needs of the vehicles
  • Hire qualified personnel to handle the day to day operations of the department
  • Train employees on the various roles that ensure the efficiency of services
  • Coordinate with other departments to eliminate chances of error and problems in operations

The mission statement is good because it details the duties and the responsibilities of the department in line with the agenda of the organization (Leonard, 2012). The main responsibility of the HCSC is to offer educational skills to the students; therefore, the role of the department is to aid that course of action by providing efficient transport services.

Question 3

Downsizing and layoffs are some of the challenging duties of leaders within an organization. As a department leader, Byrd must be prepared to handle the various issues that come along with the employee layoff in an organization. One of the issues that a leader must consider while handling this case is the effects that the downsizing process will have on the productivity of the remaining employees. Additionally, Byrd must consider the financial implications of the process because although downsizing helps organizations cope with challenging financial times, it can affect the financial outcome of the company adversely if not done well (Leonard, 2012). Therefore, Byrd must communicate clearly, openly, and often to his staff throughout the processi. Some of the key issues to discuss during the layoff notifications include the budget cutoffs affecting the department as well as the process followed in determining the laid-off employees.

Question 4

Byrd should consider cutting down the budget on the computerized system because the department can still function effectively without the new system.

Question 5

The best approach for Byrd to follow in executing the layoff plan is open communication. Communicating with the remaining employees will ensure that they are knowledgeable about every situation in the organization, which reduces their anxiety and loss of morale. Additionally, open communication prepares employees in case of downsizing in the future. Laying off employees who are ready for the situation is easier than an abrupt decision that can damage the reputation of an organization (Leonard, 2012).


Leonard, E. (2012). Supervision: concepts and practices of management. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.