Sample Business Paper on Push and Pull Marketing Strategies

Push marketing is a promotional approach that entails businesses taking their products to the
consumers. The term “push” denotes the idea of the marketers attempting to push their products
at the customers. There are different strategies that marketers use in selling merchandise directly
to their customers through avenues such as showrooms and set up point-of-display. For example,
it is evident in department stores that sell fragrance lines. The push marketing strategy is evident
as the manufacturing company and brand of the fragrance usually offers sales incentives to the
department stores with the objective of pushing its products to the customers (Chipp &
Chakravorty, 2016). Another example of push marketing strategy is where a brand or business
uses television ads to push its products onto customers. For instance, Coca Cola Company often
uses television and radio advertisement to advertise its products.
On the other hand, the goal of pull marketing is to get the customer to pull the customer to the
marketers. Therefore, this strategy aims at creating a brand loyalty and keep customers coming
back. For example, a company that wants to market children`s toys will consider different phases
in its advertisement. This could take steps such as advertising the product, then children and
parents see the ad and develop the interest of buying (Sethi, Ahuja, & Singla, 2018). Another
example, entails social media and online marketing approaches where posting informative
articles that educate customers on a given product. Companies and businesses have gone ahead
to create websites where they publish articles and reliable information about their products to
allow consumers have enough knowledge before purchase. The significance of this strategy is
that it ensures customer loyalty and satisfaction whenever a product is purchased.



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