Sample Business Paper on Modern management

Question 1
Delegation is the assigning of duties to other people while still being held accountable.
The important thing to know during delegating is who to delegate and when. According to Certo
et al(50), a job manager should exactly know effort required to accomplish the job. It is
important for the manager to assign task in order to analyze his staff. Employees feel trusted
when the employer assigns task. This empowers employees and gives them a chance to focus on
larger issues. Delegation saves time and energy.
Professional job that require strict attention is nursing, this mostly applies to newly
registered nurses. Nursing entails many challenges. Nurses should take care of people without
preferences on tribe, race, age, or status. In nursing professional, there is increase in workload
and usually the workforce remains constant or decreases. Therefore, nurses need to apply
delegating activities. Certo et al declared that(56), delegations are important since it saves time,
provides adequate time to cater for the patients, and reduces workload for the managers. Nurses
may delegate nursing acts, functions, or tasks. A nurse delegating duties should choose qualified
individuals in terms of experience and education, competent, and has the necessary skills needed
to perform the tasks. Nurses should employ individual who perform excellently under minimum

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super vision. Nurses should provide guidance, support, and clinical supervision. This ensures that
the individuals understands their duties and are willing to accept the delegation. Moreover, the
nurses should asses the individuals who accept the tasks and evaluate them to ensure success
during completion. (Certo, p.66)

Question 2
Conflict is a disagreement between two or more people. It is nature for human beings to
disagree due to different thoughts. Conflicts involve other individuals, groups of people, or
individuals’ inner struggles. Certo et al (106) also declared that, conflict often affects our actions
and decisions. Conflict can take place anywhere, for instance, in a sales shop. Employees and
customer frequently experience conflict on regular basis. For example, if a customer buys a car
without warranty and the breaks down. The buyer may return angrily demanding a refund. To
solve this conflict is to involve the owner of the sales shop who has the right to offer refund and
question his employee of the accusation, the customer, and the employee. They must settle to a
common agreement that will favor both parties. The process of involving both parties with the
presence of a mediator is relatively significant since the conflicting parties end up settling their
Certo et al (110) concluded that, in both cases, management is important and necessary. It
provides parties involved to speak their views. In delegating tasks, managers communicate

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activities involving delegation to the interested individuals. On the other hand, strategies for
resolving conflicts require a manager who should act as a mediator between the conflicting
groups. He should overhear suggestion from the group and come up with a common agreement.

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