Sample Business Paper on Marketing Research: Dunkin’ Donuts: Dunking competition

1. Outline the purpose and main points of the article
The purpose of the article Dunkin’ Donuts: Dunking competition is to show us the
importance of marketing research in helping the coffee shop stay relevant in business and help it
in formulating sound policies which help it in dealing with competition and keeping or attracting
customers. The Dunkin’ Donuts opened its branches worldwide to reach to their customers. By
2014, there were 10500 stores worldwide (paragraph 1). The company also went public in July
2011 to advertise its products so that the consumers can know and have knowledge of their
The growth of Dunkin’ Donuts became possible due to the extensive research and its
commitment to quality. They were able to meet the consumers’ demands by producing quality
items. The customers’ demands and feedback were given priority and thus help it in building a
good relationship between the shop and the customers. Through market research and survey the
coffee shop learned that the customers will select a shop which is accessible, of high quality,
with good image and one that is affordable. The company had to build on the above factors in
order to be relevant. The company had to be also strategically placed and designed with
preference of the customers.

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Continuous market research and taking the customers feedback is always necessary. This is
to establish the change in consumes’ taste and also engage in improvement strategies so that they
can keep their customers, attract more and become weary about their competitors. This has led to
introduction of new flavors of coffee and other new products. It also became necessary for the
Dunkin’ Donuts to partner with Procter & Gamble in 2007. This was necessary to assist in the
packaging and distribution of its coffee. This allows it to get services of marketing experts and
also another source of income.
2. Identify the problem or opportunity for which marketing research is needed
The problem is for a company to make sales at the midst of its competitors. Also it is
necessary for the company to establish if the consumers are satisfied with their products.
Introduction of new products should be according to the customers’ preference and tastes. The
consumers of the products need to provide feedback and though communication channels the
company can know if their products are satisfactory to the expectations of the consumers. The
market research provides the company with the opportunity of making the most out of a
company’s services and products even if there are competitors.
The company needs to produce quality products which are appealing to the consumers. The
company needs to ascertain that its products meets the standards and that they are of the taste of
the customers. The services and products should also be readily available and affordable. The
customers should be able to access the products and services quite easily and conveniently. They
should be cheap and affordable to meet the various categories of people. The image should also
be appealing and attracting to the customers. It should reflect on what the customers want and
the company’s quality services and products.

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Partnership or sharing of services may become necessary when the company is not able to do
them at the same time. A good market research is necessary to determine the right partners and
which services and duties are to be shared by the partners. The partners will provide support thus
allowing sharing of costs and thus promoting sales. This allows the company to be gaining
revenue throughout the year and expand.
3. Evaluate significance of the article’s content, and the topic’s relationship to
marketing research: how is marketing research making a difference?
Marketing research is a set of process which include surveys which links the customers,
producers and consumers through sharing of information and feedback. The problems and
marketing opportunities are at center stage when conducting a market research. The research
enables a company to look for necessary actions and best alternatives to undertake in order to
achieve improvements. It allows also for a better understanding of the marketing structure and
the relationship between the producers and consumers of the products and services. Marketing
research enables a company to learn of their competitors and seek new avenues for dealing with
them. Information is gathered analyzed and the results o findings given. Necessary
improvements and designs based on the findings may be undertaken for improved results.
4. Describe the importance of your chosen article to you and to your interest in
The article is important for a marketing experience since it depicts a life process of the
practical marketing process undertaken through research. The article puts theoretical processes
into action and in fact gives immediate results. It is thus necessary to conduct a market research
so as to be able to meet the customers’ expectation and also to beat the competitors. Dunkin’

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Donuts was able to conduct market research and adopted the findings thus enabling it to stay
relevant and continued marking sales leading to its worldwide expansion.
5. Specify what have you learned, and how you can apply you leaning.
Market research is necessary for the development and prosperity of different companies and
organizations. Information is important and critical in the market and thus its flow is necessary to
achieve positive results. To achieve success it is necessary to undertake a market research
regularly so as to stay relevant. Competition is real in the market sector and one must learn on
how to deal with them. Customer preference and satisfaction is also necessary for achieving
more sales and profits.

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