Sample Business Paper on Innovation and the Entrepreneur


The sole purpose that pushes an individual to begin a business is to make a profit. The
way of making a profit from sakes involves the ability of the seller to convince the market to
have their preferences favorable to the products of the consumer. The producer, therefore, invests
much of the time in making the product to win the interest of the market (Pham & NguyenDang,
2019). The challenge is typically found when it comes to the translation of the ideas to work.
Many entrepreneurs tend to imagine that the best and what seems to be the only way of
conquering a more significant share of the market is by making their products look differently.
This is true, but it should be noted that it works in conjunction with some other strategies to
bring success to the business (Lam, 2018).

Factors to Consider When Starting a Business

In as much as the innovation strategy will work, there is a need to find the target group
for the product. That is the people that are expected to be the customers and the region of
coverage of the supply of the product. At all times, the product should be examined if the
product is set to be sold in either the global, local, national, or the regional market (McKenzie &
Sansone, 2019). This, therefore, will mean that the need of the people in such a targeted market
is investigated keenly to have prosperity in the business.
The market gap should be done appropriately through the feasibility studies for accuracy
(Pham & NguyenDang, 2019).
The other strategy that needs to be considered by the producer is strategies of marketing and
branding the product. The way the product is branded means a lot to the consumers. Therefore
the branding should be done in a way that attracts the people to buy (Lam, 2018). The promotion

has become much better with the improvement in technology. Today promotion can be done at a
sitting and reach a more significant population than what personal sales would do (Pham &
NguyenDang, 2019). The coming of computers has enabled processes like teleconferencing and
online marketing. The smartphones as well will guarantee the seller that a larger population that
uses the smartphones will be reached by the information regarding the product (McKenzie &
Sansone, 2019). Using social platforms will give a safer game since it will reach many people as
At times to start the process of implementing the idea of business may be a problem of
resources. In this respect, it will be necessary for the persons to think of joining ut their financial
efforts and raise a serious business that will sell (Watson et, al., 2028). Partnerships may be
preferred for such cases to come up with a solution. The large and stable financial base will give
security to the business and will help it to prosper. There is as well as the consideration of the
ancillary industries (McKenzie & Sansone, 2019). This leads to the centralization of firms. It is
advantageous to set a business where there is support gain from other companies.
In some cases, a firm may be using the by-products of another as its raw materials and
hence helps the other firm to dispose of them off (Pham & NguyenDang, 2019). The
interdependence of the firms shows the importance of coming together. At the same time, in
areas like in technology, it is profitable to start the business together for a bitter and more
significant growth by combined ideas. The technology advancement field, for example, has
individual specializing in different areas which with combined effort can result in considerable
profitability realized by the entrepreneurs (Lam, 2018).
Another aspect to be considered by the entrepreneur before setting of the business is the
availability of alternative goods. These may be either substitute. The products that are different

from the right product to be produced but can be used in place of the same (Watson et, al., 2028).
The pricing of such goods will determine the profit margin for the product. If there are many
substitutes for the same product, then it will be risky to supply such product, for example (Pham
& NguyenDang, 2019). When the alternatives are cheaper, then the market will prefer
substitutes. Both of the products serve the same purpose, and hence pricing will be the point of
differentiation. It is therefore advisable to invest in areas of low competition. This is mainly a
challenge in third world countries (McKenzie & Sansone, 2019).
Also, it is essential to look at the social, economic, and political condition of the area
before setting the business. For the company to do well, it will need the resources in abundance
which can be found in the developed countries. Such developed countries can be taken advantage
of (Watson et al., 2028). The purchasing power in such states are as well high and can help in the
prosperity of the business (McKenzie & Sansone, 2019). The population determines the size of
the market for the products as well. Therefore the company should set in places of high
population density to boost its sales volume (Lam, 2018). Such developed countries also have a
stable political state. The peace will help give an assurance of continuous flow of resources
without interruption. This will significantly contribute to the success of the business. An
entrepreneur should consider these critical factors before setting the company in place (Pham &
NguyenDang, 2019).

Small Business Plan

To start a small business, the following strategy can be applied to realize the profit and success
of the company:

The Higher Life Designers
Executive Summary

Higher life designers are dedicated to providing the most recent designs to the locals and
international groups. With the increase in the demand for the products, the company is set to be
the world most preferred for sportswear (McKenzie & Sansone, 2019). The quality is a priority
which is set to attract the customers to the place where they will find their satisfaction (Lam,
2018). The dressing room is set for the preference of the customers and the changing of the
gowns by the brides.

Strategies That Will Lead To Success

To ensure that the sales volume increases every month with a net increase at the end of every
financial year.
 Continue to bargain 67% of the total market demand.
 Become the best and most preferred boutique in the whole globe.

Strategies to Success

The Company is set to raise its sales to 785,000 pounds by the end of the second financial
year from 577,000 invested in the beginning. The business will be tuned towards maintaining a
profit margin of 67% and have realistic and reasonable outlets in the form of expenses. The store
will, in addition, strive to be the first to give the supplies of the most recent designs (Pham &
NguyenDang, 2019). The application of the research will achieve this through computers and
consistent research on how to provide the best of the service (McKenzie & Sansone, 2019). This
will be implemented to ensure the customers find their satisfaction at all times they come to the

The Mission of the Company

High life designers are en enterprise that will aim at giving the best of designs wear
globally. It will target to fit all kinds of people with all types of cloth designs and to provide the

latest models that have never been in supply in the market (Lam, 2018). The shop will provide
room for hiring as well for suits and wedding gowns at affordable prices. It will strive to equip
its customers ahead of its competitors to win the market. It will use computers and the most
recent machiners with the best of designers to maintain its quality.
The Motto of the Company

Be the best designers of the globe at the most affordable price for the willing customers
Products. The shop will be equipped with all kinds of wear for both the female and the gents. It
will work in specific sell: trouser, dresses, t-shirts, shirts, both long and short-sleeved, blouses
suits, skirts, belts, and the wedding gowns (McKenzie & Sansone, 2019). All these will be
flexibly prepared in the taste of the customer upon request. All addition and colorations of would
be done depending on how the customer's orders. The satisfaction will come from the law and
demand of the customers (Lam, 2018). There will be suits and other designer clothes for hire the
costumes will be of all sizes to accommodate all individuals.
Marketing Strategies

The internet and online platforms will be set to advertise the products of the company.
This will invest much on the social platforms that will reach multitudes of people at once. There
will as well use of the advertising media both audio and the audiovisual. Buying airtime to
advertise in theses platforms will target the locals majorly. There shall be billboards also hanged
to help in reaching this information to the people (Watson et, al., 2028).

Target Group

The higher life designers will have much of the focus on the official and sports
individuals to help in promoting its sales. The researches done according to the objectives of this

company have had the complete realization of the whole group to sell to (McKenzie & Sansone,

Plan of Finances

Cost for set up. The whole process of acquiring and constructing the building and
furnishing the room is estimated to take 110,000 pounds.
Variable cost. Since the company will use such variable items such as airtime, tapes, and many
others, its variable value is set at a different cozy of 3%to 5% of the cost.
Cost of fixed items. The fixed assets are set to take the rest of the amount to start the business



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