A Sample Paper Business Plan


The name for the Company I’m proposing to is Readers Press Limited, whose current products include: Religious, Inspirational, Business and academic materials sold in print and in CDs, there is Stationery, games and toys too. The company wants to grow its customer numbers and also serve customers better through ecommerce. I propose that the company create an online shopping website for retail sales direct to consumers or the general public through shopping cart software, without needing any human interaction (B2C) and Business to Business electronic data interchange, where Readers Press Limited can electronically exchange Purchase orders, invoices and shipping notices with other businesses over the internet. My eCommerce solution to Readers Press Limited is clearly outlined in the business plan below.

Executive Summary

Outline the Mission Statement for Readers Press Limited on the Company’s selling website, what the business is about online. State the company’s information; on when it was formed, the names of those who founded it and their tasks plus the number of the employees and the business location. Next would be highlighting the growth of the company through financial or market highlights, where I include charts and graphs to depict this visually, showing that the company has grown in profits margins and market share yearly. Describe all the products offered by the company, offering links to check on availability of products, to provide the online customers with sufficient information on all products so they make informed purchase choices. Summarize the financing information in the Company’s website, on the “ABOUT US” section, about our bank and the investors in the company, to also grab the potential investor’s interest. Last, summarize future plans of the company, the strategic goals in the “FUTURE PLANS” section on the website, with the main focus on the customers.


Business Description

My solution will clearly explain to the public the Mission of Readers Press Limited, which stems, from nature of the company, which deals with self development materials including: academic materials for students and tutors, stationery, games and toys for kids. Readers Press Limited aims at self- development of people of all ages and different walks of life; it serves literacy needs,spiritual needs and provides learning tools for childrendevelopment. Other small Businesses will be able to access our website through bulk purchase and wholesale deals on bulk purchases, so they can also resell books in remote locations. The eCommerce solution will increase customer contact, facilitate the receiving of customer feedback and immediate service. This will increase business and provide convenience to customers who are time bound, as discounted shipping is availed on the website to all customers depending on the location.

Marketing Plan

The customers will be reached through the social networking sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, where they will be requested to visit the company’s website. E-mails will also be sent to customers providing a link to the online retail platform. However text messages will be sent regularly to customers, to request them to do a simple registration on the website. The Competitors comprise a large market share in this business; it’s a flooded market because of many street vendors who sell cheaper second hand materials. However some are using eCommerceto sell their merchandise online; they are creating traffic first by allowing the public to use their website for social networking, then placing their items for sale on the already busy sites, hence having many people viewing their products and offers daily. The window of opportunity exists because there is already an established clientele for the company, who we are seeking to enhance their customer experience by advancing to Ecommerce and there are no barriers to the online marketplace. Advertising to customers will be done through: email marketing, Search engine marketing, social media marketing, web banner advertising and mobile advertising. This will increase visibility of the website to people all over the world. The cost of this solution is as follows:

Table 1
Business Plan Consultancy 600
Building Website 500
Approx Advertising charges 700
Webhosting charges 150 1950


The finished solution will be available in two weeks time, where the public will have access to the public immediately upon its completion. The website developer will keep informing me on the progress of the website development as I wait to see it fully functional on the World Wide Web. I’d like to receive my full payment after the successful completion of the project as per the terms agreed upon initially; a down payment was already paid, for my commencement.

Research and Development

Current competitors are offering cheaper prices for webhosting and website building, by compromising on quality. Gullible customers are drawn to accepting their cheaper offers because all they need is some internet connection to keep them running. My eCommerce plan is modern technology based, where I will be using the best manufactured and reliable computers from Apple Company, the computers are incorporated with the best technology, browsers that enhance the value of the website. The technology supports fast browsing hence the website is created in record time, as time is saved in browsing the internet. The browser also supports modern website software, example Word press. The proprietary technology in the web hosting services that I offer is also well protected through contracts and patents; hence it cannot be copied and corrupted by unscrupulous traders. The technology is reliable by companies who want to transfer a great deal of their business online, due to the enhanced internet speeds, hence promoting good customer experience and increasing the visibility of the website on the Search Engine. The customers will experience a great deal of convenience in posting their orders on the website and processing of orders will be much faster than normal, this is efficiency beyond degree. This will result into happier customers and increased sales. Future products will include: 5G internet speeds, higher level upgraded browsers among other products that will speed up internet connections. These technologies will be timely incorporated into my systems as a web host in keeping with the promise to my clients. New products are developed through market demand and market needs, as the browsing content of my clients rise, new solutions must be sought immediately.


Web-based businesses face high competitive risk, since they can be started with little money and have no way of locking in customers. There could be physical risks like failure of machines, fire or theft, although these are rare occurrences. Cost overruns could occur where unexpected costs occur in excess of budgeted amounts due to underestimation of the actual cost, during budgeting, especially as projected in the advertising charges in the marketing plan above. Downward industry trends is a risk where, prices of commodities generally fall due to increased supply of these website building and hosting services causing our costs to run these websites on behalf of the client go up due to decreased revenues. These downward trends drastically affect the value of any investment. Internet risks will include: Identity thieves, who use the information they find online to drain bank accounts of people and there is hacking of websites too.

Financial plan: Development and Implementation Cost
Table 2
Web Development 50
Web Designer rates 30
Flash Animator rates 80 160
Testing 15
Training 30
Assessment 10
Process Remediation 4
Productivity loss 8
Payment Disruption 22
Vendor/Software Upgrades 200 289






Table 3
Objective Output Task Activity Who? When?
1.Computerized Website 1.1 Website created and functioning 1.1.1 Purchase hardware and Software Visit hardware and software suppliers and get best price Manager 07.03.16
1.1.2 Installation and wiring of computer network

Installation and wiring Electrical testing

Technician 10.03.16
1.1.3 Hardware installation Install equipment Consultant 15.03.16
1.1.4 Software installation and Website Creation install software and build website Software Developer 16.03.16
1.1.5 User training Planning training Carry out training

Manager teacher 18.03.16




1.1.6 Website launch Launch the website officially for access Software Developer

Readers Press Limited





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