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The United States Campaign against Islamic State in Syria intensifies

The United States Campaign against Islamic State in Syria intensifies

President Barack Obama says the US-led coalition that is fighting Islamic State group has intensified its northern Syria campaign.

Mr. Obama, while speaking at the Pentagon said the United States would not be sending additional troops into the country but instead, would increase support for the moderate opposition in the country.

He added that in order to defeat the Islamic State, “an effective partner on the ground” was required.

This comes amidst reports that IS militants have regained control over the Ain Issa town from Kurdish-led forces.

The remarks of President Obama follow the heaviest IS bombing since the commencement of coalition strikes which started in September last year.

The target of the bombing was Raqqa, IS’s de facto capital.

Obama using another name used by the militant said “We’re intensifying our efforts against Isil’s base in Syria.

“Our air strikes will continue to target the oil and gas facilities that fund so much of their operations”.

He added that “When we have an effective partner on the ground, Isil can be pushed back”.

However, he also warned the campaign against that group would not end quickly.

IS militants, earlier on Monday are said to have reportedly regained control of a town that was close to their stronghold in northern Syria of Raqqa from the forces led by Kurdish.

A monitoring group that is UK based, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Ain Issa 50km (30 miles) was overran by jihadists from Raqqa and the villages nearby.

However, a spokesman for the Kurdish Popular Protection Units (YPG) which 2 weeks ago seized the town from the IS said they were resisting the assault.

Allied Syrian rebels and YPG fighters had, 2 weeks ago seized Ain Issa.

The jihadist led group had suffered a number of defeats along the Turkish border, since they were forced to extract from Kobane town in January.

In the past couple of weeks though, IS has hurled counter attacks that are lethal against the Kurds.