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Sample Essay on Personal Essay for a pharmacy school

Personal Essay for a pharmacy school

The pharmaceutical field is among the most interesting and ever changing fields in the modern world. New medicines, just like technology are being revealed and new formula for administration being put forward. The field is an intriguing one with numerous opportunities for an individual qualified. A person with a doctoral degree in pharmacy is likely to in majority of the pharmaceutical companies as they have added advantage over individuals with diploma and degree certificates. Consequently, it is due to this fact, my passion and motivation that I applied to pursue the course at the university.
As a child, I watched my father carry out his duties at a pharmacy company. The books my father used to read as well as the remedies he prescribed created in me the desire and interest to pursue the field in order to assist others. At the age of 5, my grandmother became sick and I was the one responsible for reminding her to take her medication as my parents used to go to work. The experience I gained gave me the longing to pursue this field.
The experience and education I have gained from the university is not enough to provide the essential experience needed to have knowhow in the industry. My years at the university were not only interesting but enjoyable. Throughout the pharmacy courses, I managed to learn about life more, health and the manner in which treatment should be administered. I found it fascinating to learn different body composition and the chemical makeup. I look forward to learning more about different medicines as well as the manner in which they interact with the body system. As a pharmacist, I will be in the position to apply the knowledge I have acquired in my career. It is important to note my academic performance is very appealing as I passed all the subjects with exception of one where I acquired average points. This indicates I have passion for education and especially, pharmaceutical course.

I have a short term goal which is to become employed in a huge company as I look for funds to start my own business that is pharmacy related. During my internship and attachment, I acquired exemplary skills. The experience is vital since it supplements my learning as I have learnt more about the field of pharmacy in both practical and theoretical aspects.
After completing my university education and getting my pharmacy technician certificate, I volunteered at Glandale Memorial hospital and at the Landmark pharmacy as well working as a pharmacy technician. At Glandale, my duties included dispensation of medication for children and drugs dispensation. I monitored the response of patients to medication and was as well involved in education of patients and consumers on use of prescriptions as well as other issues that are related to “over the counter medications”. Additionally, I provided my expertise to nurses, physicians as well as other health professionals on decisions that are related to drugs. It was while at Landmark pharmacy that I was able to offer my expertise regarding drug compositions which included chemical, biological and physical properties as well as their manufacture and use. Therefore, I also ensured drug strength and purity was upheld so drugs stayed safe without interaction with other properties in a manner that was harmful. My admission into the university will aid me in increasing the pharmacology knowledge I have and an advanced application and approach of what I have learnt in various college sittings and my duration working.
Usually, pharmacists provide a sense of hope and reassurance to patients. By making advancements in pharmacy, I can incorporate what I have learnt in my career in order to gain more knowledge to advance technology. My devotion as well as volunteer work in the field of pharmacology will give me the push to learn more to acquire the knowledge necessary to serve and assist others. I will appreciate it if my dream to pursue pharmacy course from the college is made complete.