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Sample Essay on Capital punishment essay

Capital punishment refers to a legal process in which a death penalty is applied on an individual as a punishment by the state for a committed crime. Capital punishment has been applied in most cultures for years. However, the question that most people ask is whether capital punishment logical and if it works. There has been a heated argument against this punishment and some democratic countries are now abolishing it.
While some people are in favor of capital punishment, others are against it. Abolitionists of capital punishment argue that it is a form of violence. Killing or tolerating the act of killing another person is inhuman. They say that it is paradoxical for a state to believe and allow execution of a person in finding a solution to violence or crime.
Some abolitionists call capital punishment a legalized homicide that is inconsistent with values that its protagonists presume it protects. In broader context, capital punishment demeans human life’s dignity. They argue that violence can never be a solution to violence and the rising cases of crime.

On the other hand, protagonists of capital punishment argue that death penalty is beneficial to the society. They say that apart from preventing criminals from committing the crime again, it deters would-be criminals from committing a similar crime.
However, it is important to note that no scientific study has proved a casual connection between commission of crime and capital punishment. In addition, most crimes in the contemporary society are not planned or premeditated. They are passion crimes.
As such, capital punishment will not serve as a deterrent to would-be criminals because when the crime is committed the offender is not in a position to make rational calculations or decisions on the basis of the advantages and disadvantages of their actions. In addition, an inmate on a death row can be found innocent since flaws are common in criminal justice systems.
In conclusion, capital punishment is perceived as an illogical violation of fundamental human right to life by most people.
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