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Sample Essay on British airways essay

British airline (BA) is one of the largest airlines in the world compared to its competitor carriers within the United Kingdom. It is based in Heathrow London, Gatwick and London city airport which operate both Local and international flights. Despite being the world’s largest carrier, British Airways has had its fair share of challenges.
British Airways faced numerous problems due to the influence caused by the warlords from World War II who brought politics in the business. It came into existence when two government agencies merged into one organization. BA focused most of its efforts in reducing cost and optimizing profits in 1970s in order to ease state spending.
The total number of employees during this period was fifty eight thousand, an obese figure that the management overlooked due to the unrealistic passenger growth levels. The fact that there were too many employees and managers rendered the productivity level of BA to extreme low standards compared to other airlines.
In 1980, there was a great and worst recession in Britain that came with internal wrangles and problems. The recession did not do them any good as it inflated the fuel cost and reduced their passenger capacity. Teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, BA had fallen short of resources to pay staff and manage its own affairs.
There was need for immediate change to salvage the crisis that had rocked the airline from the late 1970s to early 1980s. Establishing a sense of urgency was first on the list of drastic measures they took by hiring Sir John King who had an outstanding record of accomplishment.
BA then created a vision and facilitated its implementation by communicating the vision to the entire employees by sending personal invitations to the “Manhattan landing” campaign. BA management natured this crucial change and programs such as PPF (putting people first) and this totally transformed the airline into a leading airline worldwide.

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