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You are here because you have been tasked to complete an assignment. This section of the website has free sample papers and writing guides that illustrates what is expected, and how you are expected to complete your assignment. You are free to use our sample guides in writing your paper but with proper reference to this website. If you are looking for an assignment to submit, please contact us for a non-plagiarized paper written by our professionals.

Memo/Letter on Memorandum

Think of being a director of a business.

Essay Assignment on Trends in Strategic Management: Concluding Thoughts

During this course you have learned that the business environment is in a state of constant change and new circumstances...

Seventh Paper; Meaning Without Religion

In America we talk about separation of church and state and admonish people to not talk about religion or politics...

Sociological Essay Assignment on Crips and Bloods

The Micro: How does growing up in this environment impact one’s psychology? How do these environments contribute to the collective...

History Term Paper on The Affect of Diseases on human events

I need 5 sources for the term paper. The types of sources are included in the instruction paper I attached.

Religiosity, Social Self-Esteem, and Psychological Adjustment

Read the article and write the article critique following the guidelines on how to write it. Thank you!

Is the shared economy a benefit to society or not?

You are to write a persuasive research paper summarizing your view of the ‘shared economy’. Is the shared economy a...

Social Justice Movement: Women’s Rights

Hello, please read the attached instructions CAREFULLY. For this research paper I chose the women’s right, which began prior to...

Research Paper on The role of the police psychologist

This research paper is to be written in APA format. Sources to be used are attached

Research Paper on Congregational Church

Thank you and if you need more information you can send me a message.

The Problem of Sin: An Examination of Adam and Eve

You will complete 2 Journal Article Critiques in this course.  For each, you will read a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal article,...
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    Critique Paper on Political Change


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