Sample Essay Paper on Edible Ethics

People should have the rights to collect fruits or vegetables especially if it is for consumption. However there should be a limit to how much a person should pick or when such vegetables and fruit should be picked.For instance picking vegetables should only be when they are mature and when the fruit ripen. Despite people having this rights laws must be applied, such laws are: People should not be allowed to collect specimen that may lead to the plant being destroyed such as collecting large samples of its backs that could lead to the plant drying up. Fruits and flowers of endangered species should not be touched as this should lead to a decrease in the seeds of an already endangered species. The procedure of collecting these samples should be done in the most harmless way possible if someone is to collect a sample(Szalewska, 2014).

After eating a fruit the seed should be planted or deposited in a seed bank to ensure their survival and prevent their extinction in the future. Fruits of endangered species should not be eaten if the edible part is the seed or harms the seed for example passion fruit(Thornburg, 2010). Not to over exploit a plants edible part if it would lead to the plants death for example barks and roots. To plant more edible plants than those consumed to avoid risk of extinction. To advocate for people not to be eating plants parts of endangered plants by urging them not to buy, harvest or use the products made from them to ensure they are healthy and they can reproduce faster.  To eat only those parts that regrow fast such as leaves.


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