Sample Essay on Religion and Science

From the study of the paper, it seems as though the authors are intent on conveying the multiplicity of the relationship between Religion and Science over time. While some see these two as complementary and propose interaction, others view the two as opposing and irreconcilable foes from the onset of both.

The most interesting aspect I have learned from the reading is the glaring similarity embodied by both facets of human development. While each is predisposed to its system of argumentation and idea development system, both have experienced change over time and culture. This concept that both have a dynamic capability presents the idea of both having in their foundation a human touch.

With respect to Religion and Science, I would describe my worldview as a harmonization of the ideas presented by both sides of the divide. While the scientific arena presents some explanation to the physical dimension, the religious facet presents the basis for spiritual understanding that covers the unexplainable and metaphysical occurrences.

In my opinion, people view Science and Religion as opposing sources of authority due to many issues, but the most prominent is the unwavering stand held and presented by some of the authoritative figures from either end. While most having prominence in the scientific arena downplaying religion as wishful thinking, this opinion is met with equal criticism from religious leaders. This aspect thus furthers the divide between Religion and Science.

In my opinion, for Religion and Science to coexist without controversy, the first and most important step is the realization of individual responsibilities to self. This realization will allow each one to decipher critically and select aspects not only suited for themselves but complementary to their association with others.

The paper was adequately developed and I did not find itchallengingto understand