Sample Essay on Experiential Learning Activity

“Discussing Issues related to Pregnancy with your inner circle”

Participants: Female age 19 (F19), Male age 18 (M18), Female age 22 (F22), Male age 21 (M21) [all participants answered each question]


Question One: In your view, is pregnancy a beautiful experience?

F 19- I have heard that it is certainly an enjoyable experience.

M 18- The experience depends on the psychological status of the woman.

F 22- To me it is the worst experience I have ever encountered in the life.

M 21- Due to associated risks, this is a near death experience to most of the women I have encountered.

Question Two: Have you ever heard of any complications in pregnancy? (If yes, explain briefly)

F 19-  No, I have never been pregnant.

M 18- Yes. When the women refuse to do exercise and eat well, they usually encounter some complications.

F 22- Yes, it was a nightmare since the baby was huge.

M 21-Yes. My sister had to undergo caesarian section since the baby had a problem inside the womb.


Question Three: How can expectant women be taken care of?

F 19- By massaging by the spouse

M 18-Through ensuring that they have exercised at least twice a week, and massaging of the body to reduce any tension

F 22-Through introduction of the necessary nutritional components in their foods.

M 21- The spouse can take care of an expectant woman very well by giving her time for sufficient rest, allowing them take the required portions of foods and assisting her in taking positive exercises

Question Four: What are the most challenging moments for expectant women?

F 19- I think it is during giving birth

M 18- All through since her body is never the same in terms of size and shape

F 22- in the last trimester

M 21- During the first trimester

Conclusion: Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience for most women since they acquire the opportunity to give life to an individual. To most women, pregnancy is however the period when they have the worst of the experiences as the body becomes bigger and heavier. Because of these changes, women are usually encouraged to prepare early for the changes and tune themselves towards positive attitude. Early preparation enables most pregnant women to come to terms with the changes, overcome associated risks and enjoy the period as they look forward to ushering in new life into the world. For this to take place, it is essential that the spouses show more love and attention to the expectant women during such periods, to eliminate emotional instability while improving general well being of the women.