Sample Essay on ELA Sexual Orientation

“Discussing Human Sexuality With Your Inner Circle”


Participants: Female age 19 (F19), male age 18 (M18), transgender age 22 MTF 22), male age 21 (M21) [all participants answered each question]


Question 1: Have you ever heard of the term “sexual orientation”?

F19 – Yes, It is the state of being a male or a female.

M18 –  No.

MTF 22 – Yes, the state that defines the sexuality of a person.

F21 – No.

Question 2: Do people have control over their sexual orientation?

F19 – Yes.

M18 – Yes, they ought to have since they are human beings, and so in control of emotions.

MTF 22 – Yes. This is only after they have understood what it really means.

M21 – No. This is because human beings are defined at birth.

Question 3: How can you as a parent address the issue of sexual Orientation with your children?

F19 – I have to begin by sharing the definition and importance of having a defined orientation.

M18 – I cannot, since it is a difficult issue to discuss with my children.

MTF 22 – I will have to share with them the forms before I delve into the desirable orientation.

M21 – I can only manage to address the issue in the presence of another adult to assist me.

Question 4: Is there a perfect sexual orientation?

F19 – All the forms of orientation are perfect.

M18 – There is not perfect orientation. All of them have weaknesses

MTF 22 – All the forms of orientation are perfect.

M21 – Some are perfect whereas others are abnormal.

Conclusion: Sexual orientation refers to the state of being a homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual. Issues of sexuality are expressed in varied categories as people come to appreciate basic sexuality. A common assumption is that people can change their sexual orientation in adulthood. However, studies reveal that an individual’s sexual orientation is predisposed at birth. Even though personal orientation may not be considered at individual level, it does not change even if it is established. The issue of sexual orientation as presently seen in the society demands more attention through research and discussions. However, it is only through education on GLBTQ can the issues regarding sexual orientations be solved.