Sample Essay on ELA 4 HIV/AIDS

Discussing Issues Related to Pregnancy With Your Inner Circle

Participants: Female age 19 (F19), male age 18 (M18), female age 22 (F22), male age 21 (M21) [all participants answered each question]


Question 1: In your view, what is HIV/AIDS?

F19 – This virus leads to AIDS.

M18 – low immune in the body causes this virus.

F22 – HIV is the virus, results to AIDS

M21 – HIV/AIDS is a health problem that is caused by sexual relations with infected people.

Question 2: In your view, can a person acquire the virus from an infected person only?

F19 – With the present research and technology, a possible way is through sexual interaction with an infected person.

M18 – Yes, this is the only possible way

F22 – There are the blood transfusion and the mother-to-child transfer of the virus.

M21 – It is the only probable way. Otherwise, a person can acquire the virus in other ways.

Question 3: According to you, can the virus be controlled?

F19 – Yes, only if people become serious with life issues.

M18 – Yes, if the government can offer more safety measures.

F22 – Yes, through improved morals in the society

M21 –Yes, through a change of lifestyle.

Question 4: In your view, is there any relationship between age and the spread of the virus?

F19 – No. this is because personal conviction plays a big role in the spread of the virus.

M18 – No. This is an issue of personal morals.

F22 – Yes, the older the person, the more likely they can spread the virus.

M21 – It is indeed true since young adolescents who are sexually active are more likely to spread the virus.


HIV/AIDS refers to the human immunodeficiency virus that is transmitted through contact with the body fluids and results to immune deficiency syndrome. The virus is mostly spread through sexual contact and through a blood transfusion with infected blood. The government through its health sector has conducted several pieces of training and education to the public as a means of preventing the disease. So far, no cure has been found pertaining to the virus and therefore the public is often cautioned about engaging in unprotected sexual behaviors. Presently, there is hope for the affected through a positive lifestyle that includes the prescription of specific drugs.