Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Stem Cells


Stem cells, with no consideration of their source, have the capability of dividing and eventually renewing themselves over a long period of time unlike other cells like blood cells which normally do not replicate. Stem cells are unspecialized in the sense that they don’t contain tissue-specific structures for performing specialized functions. They have the capacity of giving rise to specialized cells through the process of differentiation.


These are cells that are obtained from embryos that emerge from eggs that have undergone in vitro fertilization. They are normally not obtained from eggs that are fertilized in the body of a woman.


These are undifferentiated cells that are found within differentiated cells, which have the ability to renew and differentiating to give rise to specialized cells of the tissue in which they are contained.


Embryonic stem cells differentiate into all body cell types them being pluripotent whereas adult stem cells are considered to differentiate only into different types of cells of their origin tissues.

Embryonic stem cells are easy to be grown in culture while adult stem cells are difficult to isolate from adult tissues, and there is no methodology of their expansion in cell culture.


They are used to provide information about complex activities that occur during the process of human development, testing of new drugs and generation of tissues and cells that are significantly applied in cell based therapies.


Stem cell differentiation and plorification should be controlled by specific kinds in which drugs can be effectively tested, or any other therapy can be successfully carried out.


Stem cells can control or treat diseases like; Parkinson’s disease, autoimmune diseases, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes mellitus among others.


No, this is because the cloning process through which stem cells are created involves destruction of human embryos. Destruction of any component of the human body is considered unethical to the society. Therefore, at the moment, the use of stem cells is unethical and should be prohibited until when scientists will be able to produce the cells without affecting human embryos.


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