Sample Paper on Resume Building

Cover Letter

Jobseeker name

523 General Drive

Metropolitan,  2000

Home: 000-121-3467

21th October 2015

John Smith

Practice manager

Centre Medical Hospital

6778 Small Street

Dear Mr. Smith

Ref: Referred by Dr Jennifer Hunter General Physician, Super Medical Clinic, New York.

I would like to apply for the position of general practitioner in your health facility as was advertised on I graduated from Royal College of General Practitioners, London, UK in the year 2014 after which I joined an eighteen months internship program at Super Medical Clinic, New York where I have been under the training of Dr Jennifer Hunter.

Throughout my internship, I have been involved in treating a wide range of diseases, disorders, and injuries under the guidance of Dr Jennifer Hunter and Dr Ann Scope, which have played a key role in my understanding in general medicine practices. Additionally, I have sharpened my communication and interpersonal skills enabling me to quickly develop rapport with patients and communicate effectively with diverse groups of people. I have also been able to work in a setting with a high number of patients and a few numbers of staff and contribute in providing high quality care as well as testing and improving my ability to work under pressure.

Besides, I took part in home visits, obstetric services, vaccinations, diet and nutritional planning, planning in family health and consultation services. Applying the theories that I learnt in the course of my university education has assisted me in gaining extensive knowledge. The knowledge is considerable enough to provide me the confidence I need in facing challenging situations in the course of my work.

Enclose, you will find my resume where you will find more detailed information concerning my academic and professional history. Kindly consider my application favorably and give me a chance to display my skills and abilities more effectively in improving operations within your medical facility. I can be contacted any time to engage in a more detailed discussion of my application.

Yours Sincerely,

Jobseekers name.










Jobseeker’s Name

523 General Drive. Metropolitan, State. Home: 000-121-3467.Cell Phone 888-777-999


Job Objective

To use my skills and abilities in obtaining a position in an organization as a General Practitioner in my chosen field.

Key Skills and Abilities
Excellent communication Skills

I have excellent verbal, listening and written communication skills essential in establishing communication with patients, colleagues my supervisors. They also facilitate fruitful discussions in teams and applicable in writing and delivering required medical presentations effectively (Donath, et al., 2010).

Problem solving skills

They enhance my critical and creative thinking abilities to assists in analyzing situations from various viewpoints and to solve problems successfully (Donath, et al., 2010).

Computer skill

They give me the ability to understand computer programs such as Microsoft office applicable in general office administration. Additionally, they enable me to operate any technological systems within the medical field. I also possess skills in internet navigation, email systems and social media sites (Mullan et al., 2011).



Interpersonal skills and bedside manner

Ability to ensure patients feels at ease and arouses their feelings of trust. I am also able to listen, respond and adapt to patients from diverse backgrounds and different age groups in a manner that is empathetic and clear. I am genuinely concerned about all patients and take time to understand and explain their conditions and available options for treating them (Mullan et al., 2011).

Dependable diagnostic and medical knowledge

I have obtained adequate ability to provide sound diagnosis after accurately taking a case, examining a patient and understanding and interpreting the diagnostic procedures (Politzer et al., 2012)

Ability to perform calmly under pressure

My internship experience tackling both emergency and non-emergency cases in a medical centre with a few number of staff and a high patient volume enhanced this ability. Even in testing, I am able to remain calm while examining, diagnosing and treating patients (Mullan et al., 2011).


2009-2010              Diploma, Biology, Princeton University

2010-2011              Diploma, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Epidemiology

2011-2014               Royal College of General Practitioners, London, UK

Academic Achievements

2010-2014          Medical scholarship, Royal college of General practitioners, London, UK

Post Graduate Education and training

April 2014                           Internship, Super Medical Centre, New York

Duties and Responsibilities

Greeting patients taking their medical histories as well as taking their current health concerns

Using medical instruments and equipment to examine patients

Requested different tests and analyses to collect information on medical condition of patients

Analyzed results and reports of requested tests and examinations to diagnose patients’ condition (Politzer et al. 2012)

Evaluated patients physical and mental health and referred them to specialists where necessary

Admitted patients to the clinic after appropriate consultations

Provided patients with prescriptions and administered medications.

Provided patients with advice on diet, hygiene and methods of preventing diseases and accidents

Provided both prenatal and postnatal care

Assisting in numerous Minor and major Surgeries as a first and second helper (Hansson et al., 2010)

Additional Training
Professional Development

2014               Attended Medical Students Development Workshop

2014               Attended 15th Conference on National Rural Health Improvements

2013               Frequent training engagement in clinical skills at New York Palliative health care

2012               Pain management training

2010               Attended Advanced Cardiac Life Support (CPR) training

Personal Development

2010             Physical Fitness Certificate – Hyperactive Health

2012             Leadership and mentor training- Metropolitan Education Training Services

2010             Piano Training

2010             Defensive driving course training

Extra Curricular Activities

2012-2014               Involved in mentorship of teenage boys and girls through the Teenage Mentorship Program

2010- 2013             Participated in arranging a trivia Night for Leukemia Foundation (raised $30,000)


2010 – Present         Member of Healthy Sports Netball Club, participating in Grade A competitions.

2011 – 2013          Coach for Metropolitan Healthy Sports Football Team-club for children with disabilities


2012                       Learnt the basics of Spanish Language

2013                       Travelled independently throughout Africa

Medical Licensing

Medical Board of United Kingdom

15 September 2014

General Registration

Registration number: Med 235789

Clinical Skills

Taking patients’ history

Performing physical examination

Intravenous access techniques

Removal of ingrown toenail

Arterial puncture

Mask Ventilation

Insertion of Foley catheter

Cardiac life Support

Removal of superficial foreign bodies

Skin lesion biopsy

Palliative care

Punch Biopsy

Professional Association

2010-2014             Royal College of General practitioners Students Society

Treasurer (2011-2012)

2014 – Present       General Member, American Psychiatric Association


2014                       Royal General Practitioners Clinical Excellency award – distinguished clinical performance during internship


Dr Jennifer Hunter.

General physician,

Super Medical Clinic, New York

9076 1111


Dr Ann Scope,

Orthopedic Surgeon,

Super Medical Clinic, New York

9076 1111



Donath, C., Gräßel, E., Großfeld-Schmitz, M., Menn, P., Lauterberg, J., Wunder, S., … & Holle, R. (2010). Effects of general practitioner training and family support services on the care of home-dwelling dementia patients-results of a controlled cluster-randomized study. BMC health services research10(1), 314.

Hansson, A., Arvemo, T., Marklund, B., Gedda, B., & Mattsson, B. (2010). Working together—primary care doctors’ and nurses’ attitudes to collaboration.Scandinavian Journal of Public Health38(1), 78-85.

Mullan, F., Politzer, R. M., Gamliel, S., & Rivo, M. L. (2011). Balance and limits: modeling graduate medical education reform based on recommendations of the Council on Graduate Medical Education. The Milbank Quarterly, 385-398.

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