Sample Essay on the Crash of the Germanwings Flight 9525

The crashing of the Germanwings flight 9525 took the world by surprise. The accident can be marked an eye-opener to the shortcoming in the aviation sector. The paper highlights the cause of the crash as Andrea Lubitz- co-pilot- who was announced mentally ill or psychologically unfit to fly a plane after the accident. It also highlights the safety recommendations after the incident that include the ‘rule of two,’ more experienced pilots and rigorous mental checkups on the pilots.

The Germanwings Flight 9525 accident elicited a lot of controversy and speculation after its missile-type of plunge into the French Alps leading to the instant death of one hundred and fifty (150) people. The A320 flight belonging to the Lufthansa airlines was to make the trip from Barcelona-El Prat Airport to Dusseldorf Airport in Germany. The investigations into the crash identified the co-pilot Andrea Lubitz as the perpetrator of the incident bringing into focus the debate of psychological check-ups or the mental states of pilots. One of the black boxes- cockpit voice recorder- confirmed that indeed the co-pilot had taken  the plane down. The claims of a terrorist attack or coercion to crash the plane were denounced by the white house with other speculations such as mechanical failures, and an unconscious pilot was put to rest after the blackbox was found. It was confirmed that Andrea Lubitz the co-pilot of the Germanwings Flight 9525 was suicidal.

Andrea Lubitz was a qualified pilot and had all the certifications to fly a plane alone. He was trained at the Lufthansa center and already had 100 flight hours experience with the family of aircraft- A320s. The airline admits to holding psychological checkups on its pilots only when employing and does not impose regular mental health checks on them. The screening of pilots only at employment is ineffectual as they can pretend to save their careers. The prognosis of mental health is not an easy task such taking a blood sample. Therefore, there is a need for regular checks ups and screening of pilots.

However, psychological checkups are insufficient in ensuring the flight safety. A mistake such as the Germanwings accident depicts how an error in the aviation sector can prove too costly. In viewing the case, the first officer had relatively few hours of experience to be left alone of the cockpit. It creates a need to ensure only the most experienced pilots can fly planes as they are used to the work pressure. In addition, no one individual should be left in the cockpit alone, and the “rule of two”as adopted by the United States aviation sector should remain a standard. It would prevent such accidents made from bad or irrational decisions from either party.

In conclusion, the Germanwings flight was an eyeopener on the health issues as concerns pilots. They are responsible for many lives on the plane and may succumb to the pressure such as Andrea Lubitz. It is, therefore, suggested that there should be better screening methods for the pilots, only experienced pilots should fly planes and the ‘rule of two.’