Sample Case Study Paper on Airport Noise Issue

  1. Summary

Over the past two decades, the need to improve the transportation system in the US has seen the establishment of several airports. Each of the airports in the US is managed by a specific authority that ensures that effectiveness, improvement of aircraft technology, as well as airline cooperation is achieved. Santa Monica Municipal Airport falls among the several airports that have to some extent, helped improve the transportation system of the US. The airport is loved by many, especially pilots and jet owners. Apart from enhancing the transportation system, it has acted as an economic engine of the area. It is also considered convenient for the storage and landing of private planes. However, the benefits of the airport have been coupled by myriads of challenges that have strained its operation and put it in the limelight in the recent years. Most of the people residing in the area have raised concerns about the noise generated by the ongoing activities and operations in the airport (Nelson, 2004).

  1. Problem

Noise pollution has been an ever-present problem at Santa Monica Municipal Airport since its establishment. In fact, the problem has been an issue of concern in the recent years, and this is underscored by the fact that many residents in the neighborhood have exhibited their hatred and dissatisfaction with the noise coming from the airport. To make matters worse, a click of the members of the Santa Monica City Council has joined the neighborhood residents in the push for the closure of the airport if the noise issues are not addressed (Weikel, 2014).

  • Significance of the problem

The more the Santa Monica City Council authority and the airport’s authority continue debating and dwelling on the ways and means of eradicating the problem, the more the neighborhood residents are exposed to the negative effects of the problem. First, most of the residents have developed hearing complications as a result of the noise emanating from the airport (Schipper, 2004). Second, owing to the fact that noise pollution has been a major issue since the airport’s establishment; several residents of the neighborhood have been forced to relocate to peaceful and disturbance-free areas. The laxity of the authorities involved in finding a long-term solution to the problem has been a thorn in the flesh for most residents who have turned to elections with the aim of choosing new city council members to end the perennial problem.

  1. Development of Alternative Actions

Alternative action 1: There are plans to shut down the airport.

Advantage: This would halt the aircraft activities taking place at the airport; hence, doing away with any possibilities of noise issues in the future for the neighborhood residents.

Disadvantage: In as much as shutting down the airport would deal with the noise issues, the economic development of the region would be compromised. Besides, the residents would experience transportation problems. On the other hand, most of the individuals employed in the airport would be rendered jobless.

Alternative Action 2: There are plans to cut back the traffic from larger jets.

Advantage: This would help prevent larger jets that cause noise pollution from accessing the airport, and this would help significantly deal with the noise issues.

Disadvantage: Cutting back the traffic from larger jets would compromise the airport’s profitability.

  1. Recommendation

The relevant authorities should embrace a sound insulation program. This will ensure that qualified neighborhood residential units insulated. Through this, the impact of noise emanating from the airport on the neighborhood residents will be significantly reduced (Falzone, 1998).


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