Sample Case Study on Discussion Questions

Scenario 1

Liability lies on the shop foreman. This is because he approved the repair that was done on the aircraft and certified that the aircraft was safe to fly. He was an authorized FAA inspector hence did not fully inspect the aircraft.

5.2 – Airline Liability

Injuring passengers is an unfortunate incident for the beach air corp. The corporation is bound by the law of the agency to cater for damages by employees. Beach Air ramp worker was executing his or her duties by loading burgages. Therefore, he or she was acting as an agent of the corporation hence the organization was bound by the law.

Scenario 3

One of the steps I could take is to arrange for leasing of the aircraft. This is because of the fact that the clients may require to use the aircraft more often. On the other hand, I would advise him to contact a certified commercial operator and FAA part 135 air taxi holders to be his pilot. This is because I am not a holder of FAA part 135 Air Taxi and commercial operator certificate (Administration, 2013). Offering to fly the client will be going against the laws outlined by air transport regulators.

Scenario 3

The board is should not exclude the establishment of the out-of-town chain. The board should facilitate fair competition between the two restaurants. This will also give the clients the right to choose the restaurant they wish to take their meals from (Aviation Supplies & Academics Inc & United States, 2012). The inclusion of the two restaurants in the airport also ensures that the restaurant upholds the highest restaurant standards. Instead of the board protecting the local restaurant, they should be focusing on the provision of the highest level of services.

The airport should not exclude the International FBO chain from being established in the airport. The board should rather facilitate a positive competition between the two FBOs. This will ensure that the airport is able to expand and also ensure that the clients are served in a better manner (Board, 2013). The two FBOs will compete against one another and as a consequence, the clients will be able to enjoy an improved level of services. The local family should be able to compete against the big chain.

If an applicant’s proposal is rejected by the board, the applicant can move to the courts and present a case against the airports board. The court will review the case and determine the eligibility of the claims. In the event that the applicant is dissatisfied with the judge’s decision, a further appeal can be made to the appeal courts for the implementation of the FAA.

6.3- Aircraft Advertisement Analysis

Warranties Expressed in the ad

The aircraft is composed of a Garmin 1000, 310 hp engine, Mooney Ovation long-range tanks, traffic tanks, and aircon. The total airtime for the airframe is 180 hours (Crane & Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc, 2012). The engine time is 180 hours. It is has traffic avoidance and GFC 700 Autopilot capabilities. The aircraft costs R 3,700, 000 which is VAT exclusive.

Puffery Representations

Some of the exaggerated specifications include the total airtime of the airframe. Allocating the airtime a total of 180 hours including an engine time of 180 hours is definitely an exaggeration (United States, 2012). The other specifications are however convincing since most of the aircrafts also possesses these specifications. The aircraft sellers should provide their client with the correct details about the aircraft for them to be able to make an informed decision.


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