SCENARIO You are a nurse at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. The hospital has no more telemetry beds and only 3 “clean” beds left for non-covid patients. This has caused a backlog of inpatient patients held in the emergency room. You are a nurse from the inpatient units who has been pulled to care
Discussion: Strategic Decisions Despite Short-Term Driving Forces For this Discussion, review the week’s Learning Resources. Then, for context, think about the many short-and long-term drivers (e.g., new competitors, pending legislation, etc.) that might impact an organization’s plan. Trends can easily attract the attention of the C-suite, who may then push to forego agreed-upon strategies and
The purpose of this assignment is to identify health objectives from Healthy People 2030 that will impact health outcomes through population-level health assessment and intervention. This assignment will allow for a discovery into a selected practice problem, encompassing social determinant risk factors, an evidence-based population health intervention, and relevant measurable goals and objectives. For this
Hi There, Thank you so much for the help. Attached you will find the instructions for the paper. Unfortunately, I don’t have to physical book for the class. It must be used and cited in the paper. The paper needs a running head. The book information is: Title: Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing
In 2007, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman starred in a movie called The Bucket List. They played two older men with terminal illnesses who happened to share a hospital room. While their lives were very different, they each had a bucket list of things they wanted to see or do before they died, so they
Develop an intervention (your capstone project), as a solution to the patient, family, or population problem you’ve defined. Submit the proposed intervention to the faculty for review and approval. This solution needs to be implemented (shared) with your patient, family, or group. You are not to share your intervention with your patient, family, or group
There’s one important element in business and that is to know your customer. For those in student ministry, it is important that we know who we are ministering to, especially in the context of students in our schools and colleges. Once we know them both personally and demographically, we now have the opportunity to minister
DirectionsRequirements Learning Activity If you have not done so, please be sure to complete the Unit 5 Learning Activity, as this learning activity is graded and will help prepare you for the assignment. You will earn 4 points once you complete the activity. You must reach the final slide to receive full credit. You will
Visit this website and “take the test!” (It’s not really a test but a questionnaire. It’ll take you 15 – 30 minutes. [] (Links to an external site.) Please write a short reflection (7-8 sentences) about what you thought about the test. Were the questions worded fairly? Were the questions appropriate to help discover your
Part 1 – News Article Submission Submit your News Article reflecting ethical concerns that are happening in the news. This article will need to be written within the last 6 months. (graded – 10 points) You will submit a draft of your paper for peer review in Module 3. The more information you provide in