Sample Paper on why is Jupiter so Important?

The video talks about Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter’s magnetic field has an influence on everything else, and thus by studying it we can get one piece of the puzzle into how planets and solar systems form. Jupiter has the same ingredients as the sun, the same ingredients vital to life. By knowing how Jupiter came to form; whether in situ or whether it migrated; is important in determining how the other planets formed. It is believed that Jupiter scattered water to the planets closer to the sun, including earth. There is thus a need to study Jupiter to get an understanding of all these.

The video aims to addresses the core concepts of science namely the analysis and interpretation of data, energy, matter and the interdependence of systems, relating evidence and ideas, and the big bang theory. The video first indicates how Jupiter has an influence on everything else in the solar system, showing the interdependence of the solar system and the universe at large. Its similarity in composition to the sun and its size draws comparison to it being much like another solar system, hence addressing the big bang formation theory. The video also implores us to study Jupiter as it is pivotal to studying how the ingredients of life spread and got to us, hence exploring the issue of matter and its interactions, as well as the origin of life. The study of Jupiter is also thought to enable us understand where light elements came from, hence addressing the concept of energy. Lastly, at the end of the video we are implored to study the solar system and literally everything, touching on the idea of study and relating evidence and ideas.

Using the video, the following analogy is possible on how science works. Science is a cause and effect field, where the interaction of systems is what leads to the creation of things. In understanding science, we have to measure our ideas against evidence, proofing our work, and this involves study. Only through study and challenging evidence do we get to get a deeper understanding of the world and who we are. In this case, doing a study of Jupiter enables us gain an understanding of how the solar system was formed, as well as how planets like earth came to have life. The study will also enable us to learn more about light gases that make us, where they come from, and the possibility of it existing elsewhere. Moreover, the study will enable us interrogate the idea of the big bang theory as well as other theories posited on the origin of life, helping us acquire knowledge and formulate other ideas.

What got me to discuss the video is that it got me interested in cosmology, and the science of space. After watching the video I went and collected more data on Jupiter, and was amazed to learn about its numerous moons and its semblance to the solar system. Its composition, the spectacular northern lights, as well as the turbulence and massive volcanic action gave me a better understanding of how the solar system and other galaxies worked. What drew me to it, however, was information on the existence of an ocean under the ice cover of Europa, one of its moon. The similarity of Europa to earth, including its having a magnetic field, and with enough energy to fuel life, is what is most interesting about Jupiter and its study.