Sample Essay Paper on Astronomy

Is it necessary to send humans to space instead of robots?

Though robots have been considered a potential replacement for human beings in space missions, humans hold a number of merits that make them the better option over robots. Unlike human beings, robots make use of artificial intelligence to engage complex decisions. However, human beings can make quicker decisions in response to new discoveries and changing conditions, instead of waiting for time-delay instructions from the space mission center. Human beings have the capacity to deploy large-scale geological instruments and make deep underground drills for samples. This indicates that humans are much better at conducting significant geological field work that makes space explorations scientifically valuable. In practical terms, humans are versatile and significantly faster than even the most advanced artificial intelligence probe.

What are the arguments for going into space? Exploration? Manifest Destiny? Scientific discovery?

Space exploration missions are expensive and require a high level of technology to succeed. Explorers are expected to endure a battery of grueling tests to ensure minimal complication during the mission. Normally, while traveling in space, explorers are subjected to varied extremes during the ascent and re-entry journey. High acceleration in the space ships can cause unconsciousness and therefore requires explorers to have good health in order to be able to withstand extreme vibrations, heat, and noise.

Manifest destiny was a general idea birthed in the 19th century that stated that United State was destined to extend and stretch from coast to coast. This idea fuel anger among the western settlers initiated Native American removal and war with neighbors. It is thought by many that manifest destiny might be the reason behind aggressive space missions in the United States.

Scientific discoveries significantly contribute to human civilization and modern advancement. Normally, scientific discoveries are made to generate new hypotheses and theories that explain a particular set of data. Space missions and explorations are normally done with the intention of achieving scientific discoveries.

If you were to discover a planet, what would you name it and why?

If I could discover a planet, I would name it Pantiam X, almost similar to the Pentium Intel processor brand but different in spellings. The X represents the era of the modern generation (Generation X). Therefore, the entire name captures vital aspects in the modern era that would express the age in which the planet was discovered.