Sample Essay on what is your Connection with the stars?

Since the beginning of humanity, people have generated theories and stories to illustrate the origin of humanity and the constellation. Scientists as well have arisen to relate human beings and the other creations. From history, people have associated stars to their culture by telling stories that revolved around the constellation. These stories, other than offering cultural theme, tell the basis of these stars (Youtube3, 3). According to Neil deGrasse Tyson (Youtube1, 1), the most astounding life on earth is the atoms which make up the human body. The atoms are composed of similar elements formed under extreme temperatures and pressures from the stars, which became unstable in their later years and scattered the enriched gases across the galaxy. These gases made of carbon nitrogen and other ingredients of life were condensed and formed the next generation of the solar system. Even though human beings may look small, they are indeed big since the atoms came from the stars. This is the level of connectivity between the planets and us.

Carl Sagan states that the earth is a tiny component of the huge cosmic tapestry while the stars are countless and just like the earth bear succession of incidences and occurrences, which influence the future (Sagan, 1). This implies that whatever action we undertake on planet earth will determine the destiny of our descendants. We are therefore encouraged to apply our intelligence and technology to derive meaningful life out of the inhabitants of the planet. The immensity of space and time is thus useful to us in enhancing our understanding of the universe (Byrd, Para. 3). From the clouds to the stars, the waters, the dry land, and the desert look magnificent from the space. No work can qualify us to enjoy the special moments in earth; no recompense can repay the goodness our creator has accorded humanity (Youtube2, 4). Irrespective of the unproven theories, the magnificence of the earth enables us to love and cherish the creations. Human beings should manage the night light by taking light pollution seriously.

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