Sample Essay on What is your connection with the Cosmos?

Stars have offered humanity with answers to their origin (Youtube3, 1). This is clearly noted from the cultural stories that relate the shapes of the stars with origin of humanity or a particular group. Even though most of the ethnic groupings associate the shape of the stars to their origin, scientists have proved that there are no relations between the shapes of constellations with humanity. This is clearly depicted from the origin of the stars and the history of the stars even as they continue to redefine their future. These shapes are assumed to be the effect of huge cosmic tapestry which influence the future (Sagan, Para 1).

From the space, earth together with the system display magnificent features as the stars give of their light. The sight is awesome and breathtaking; a fact that proves the mighty and beauty of the creator (Youtube2, 4). From the perspectives of children, earth is the most beautiful creation that ought to protect highly for the future (Byrd, Para. 3). This message is similar to the desire of environmentalists who affirm that human beings should take care of the environment so that the light of the stars can be preserved. According to the environmentalists, increased pollutants in the air will limit the amount of light to be displayed in the atmosphere. When human activities increase to the point of reducing light intensity to the earth, the shapes of the stars will eventually become lost. This implies that even the hope of human ancestors that their ethnic history will be retold by the shapes of the stars will disappear as well (Youtube1, 1). Carl Sagan is encouraging the present generation to be careful of their present activities that result to increase in pollution to the atmosphere as this bears great effects on the cosmos (Sagan, 3).


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