Sample Essay on the Long-term Solution

Abandoning attempts to revisit the moon by 2030 will benefit the United States and the International Space Community. The launch of a new space initiative that will foster discovery and adventure will provide an opportunity for the US community to develop in several ways (Charles Bolden & John P. Holden, Launching a New Era in Space Exploration (2010). In addition, the attempts to revisit the moon were not executable because of the heavy budget required and time that had elapsed without solid technological development.

The cancelation of the plans will be of benefit because it will provide more time for advancement in space technology. The plan will allow development of the International Space Station to aid in scientific, technological, conferencing, and learning purposes (Charles Bolden & John P. Holden, Id at 2.). In addition, it will promote partnership with the aerospace industry to commercialize the space industry and provide jobs for the US community. It will also promote the emergence of businesses that invest on making human access to space more affordable (Charles Bolden & John P. Holden, Launching a New Era in Space Exploration (2010). All these will result in industrialization and the development of infrastructure that will benefit US citizens and the international space community and stakeholders.

The decision will also revive NASA’s science and aeronautics programs. For instance, the Earth Science program will be crucial in understanding the earth system and solve some integral problems like climatic changes (Charles Bolden & John P. Holden Id at 3.). Since the project aims at fostering environmental conservation, there will be a reduction in the pollution produced by other industries. In addition, it will enable the involvement of young people to lay a long-term foundation for continued success (Charles Bolden & John P. Holden, Launching a New Era in Space Exploration (2010). Therefore, the decision is in the best interest of the US community and the international space community.


Bolden, C & Holden, J. Launching a New Era in Space Exploration (2010).