Sample Essay on Royal Caribbean Ship

One of the recent stormy events that took place in the recent past includes the unexpected return of the royal Caribbean ship. The vessel was nicknamed as “the anthem of the seas” and was built using the latest technology (Brett Michael Dykes TR10). The meteorological equipment installed on the ship would help forecast the weather conditions. It implies that the decision to put out to sea would be accurate having used these equipments. However, the meteorological equipment used by the members failed to produce the much needed results. Wrong decisions were made in regards to the sailing endeavor. The sailors were not lucky enough because their ship was forced to make a return back from where it came from.

This article is interesting because it concentrates on the use of modern technology in manufacturing transportation vessels. Technology enabled manufacturers to produce new designs for the ship. The rooms are built with many features that enhance comfort of the users. This infers that with increased technology application, water transport is deemed to change by a great deal. Moreover, safety measures installed on the vessel depicts high level of inventions. A lot of knowledge and skills were utilized in coming up with a new structure as well as design. In consideration to weather forecasting, the technology has redefined the way these activities were performed. New and sophisticated equipments were developed to help navigate and predict oceanic weather.

In addition, global pollution is brought out in this article. This is evident through the rising o seawater that surpassed the normal waves. However, the ship was able to withstand the harsh climate. The journey was halted by the heavy storm. Crewmembers had no other option that to return to the shores of the ocean. Therefore, the effectiveness of equipments used in measuring storm and other phenomenon by sailors was put into questions.  There are two things derived from this experience. The first one is about the effect of air and water pollution. Air pollution is one of the major causes of global heating. This heating is derived through conventional processes taking place in the seas and on land. The global community contributes a lot to the rising of seawaters through pollution (Brett Michael Dykes TR10).  The ozone layer is an important environmental component that protects people from direct sunrays. Its depletion had negative effects on human life.

The vessel could move at high speed. This was facilitated by the technology applied in it. The ship is fitted with whistles and bells that make it unique and different from other cruise ship. It also has a ripcord and glass pod that give it a unique look. Guests can watch high definition television in their rooms. The virtual balconies enable guests to view different sceneries. cocktails and drinks are mixed by robots. Thus, service takes the shortest time possible an action that improves customer satisfaction (Brett Michael Dykes TR10).

In conclusion, the technology has changed water transportation. New methods and designs have increased efficiency and effectiveness. However, nature affects business activities either in a positive way or negative way as discussed in the article. Thus, the article offered insight into environmental impact as well as techno logical development. It is therefore an informative piece of work.


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