Sample Essay on NASA Astronauts landed on the Moon

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) did not actually land on the moon but instead faked it due to cold war pressure and financial gains of some individuals. This is a claim that was raised by a programme aired by the Fox News on the 15th of February 2001 and again replayed on the 19th. This programme was detailed with interviews from different people who strongly believed that NASA faked their landing on the moon around the years 1960 and 1970s (Morgan). Bill Kaysing a former Navy officer of the United States was the first to echo such claims after publishing his book “we never went to the moon” in the year 1980 (Clavius). Nevertheless, NASA landed on the moon and the programme was open and carried irrefutable proof of success.

According to a report by CNN 6% of Americans believe that NASA faked landing on the moon, this can be accounted to these controversies raised by different people over the same. William L. Brian-Nuclear engineer-also in his book disputes the NASA claims of landing on the moon due to the gravity. This topic has been in the discussion for over 40 years now and still more conspiracy theories are being raised about the same but who is and is not on the right? Could we have been all the while lied to by NASA using a created film and staged pictures to get our minds off the earth to an imaginary lunar space?

First, the programme aired by Fox News claims that the pictures taken by the NASA Astronauts had no stars, something that everyone would expect to be clear from the moon. Again it states that if really the Apollo Astronauts landed on the moon then there should have been a blast crater out of the impact of a landing rocket as it is expected to burn out a considerably huge crater, something that does not appear in the pictures taken by the Astronauts. Moreover, claims from Bill Kaysing’s book has it that the boot prints are just perfect and did not wear off but seemed to have been created immediately.

It is apparent that whenever the sky is dark on earth we will see the stars but this might not be the case in the moon. Space is airless on the moon, and unlike earth where the thick atmosphere will scatter the sun rays that in turn will spread all over the sky and when darkness takes over, we see the stars, in the moon things, are different. The lunar sky is dark due to lack of air and thus stars can be seen even during the day. Then why pictures with no stars? This is all about the preferable camera settings that should work for such a scenario. The focus of the Astronauts was on their fellow space travellers and any effort to try to capture even faint stars in the horizon would destroy the caption on everything else that was mostly important.

Anyone would think, a 36,000-pound spacecraft should have dug quite a huge crater from its impact of landing. But from NASA’s response, the gravitational acceleration on the lunar surface is approximately around 6 times lesser to earth (Morgan). Hence the machine cut down its speed as it was approaching the lunar surface meaning a lesser blast, in fact, a smooth one. While the boots prints left behind are easily seen because the granules of the lunar dust are spiky and abrasive hence they pack together fast and more so there is no wind to wipe them away meaning they will remain for a really long duration (Morgan). The film presented by the Apollo group further proves their success by dropping a feather and a hammer and had them land at the sametime (Morgan);this can in no place happen on earth.

There has been a lot of speculations on this matter on why NASA could fake a landing on the moon especially because it was during the cold war. A claim by Bill Kaysing goes to an awful extent of even stating that the Apollo 1 fire was staged to end the life of Gus Grissom who was ready to break it to the press on the truth of the matter. Various websites have aired such views and other media platforms but considering all corners of science it is evident that NASA could not have faked a landing on the moon here on earth. First, the stones brought back by these astronauts have a completely strange chemical composition from any stone found on earth and secondly, in the year 2009 images taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter showed new evidence of previous interactions of the Apollo group with the lunar surface.

No one should be led to believe these baseless claims because it might lead him or her into being sceptic towards the amazing job done by our astronauts and even so he or she might end up doubting all scientific discoveries no matter the evidence. We need science in our dealings on earth each day, everyone needs to appreciate these discoveries and not try to fight them with theories that have minimal proof.


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