Sample Essay on Birth, Life, and Death of a Star

Shiva Mahakali demonstrates how stars are formed through his video clip. He uses well-formed and animated graphics to depict how the stars are conceived at the dark patches of the nebula where there is the interstellar medium (gas and clouds of dust), which are denser than their environment. The clip shows clouds that are stable and then begins to swirl and erupt into space. The particles collide and begin to get compact. As the cloud gets compacted, the heat increases, which result in density increase. Finally, a distinct mass is developed having a spherical shape. This mass is a protostar. Some particles continue falling to the surface of the star; an effect that is caused by gravitational pull. The temperature rises as evidenced by the change of colors in the clip and reactions take place (hydrogen and helium begin to react)

The clip also shows how combustion stops in the core of the star while it goes on the outer shell, and the star progresses into a red giant. The center of the star breaks. This process takes approximately 100 million. It turns into a red supergiant. Mass is lost from the shell and leaves a hot core of carbon placed in a nebula of ousted gas. Emission from this burning core creates a striking “planetary nebula.” The core at last stops to glow and changes over to a white dwarf.

The video clip has clearly shown the application of the core concepts of science. These are the matter and its interactions, motion and stability (Forces and interactions), energy and waves, and the importance they have in the technology of information conveyance.

The crucial fact that matter is made of atoms appears in the video as it shows small particles that are in constant motion. These particles collide with each other and fuse to form new elements. Shiva shows further how an increase in energy accelerates the movement of the particles, making them to collide at a faster rate. As these reactions increase, the heat also increases; a show of energy in action. As the heat decreases, the glowing of the matter also decreases due to reduced reactions. This video also shows how observation of space activities has been made possible by the use of waves to photograph how the particles move and the activities that happen in space.

Numerous individuals are intrigued by the night sky, space missions, and vivid photographs of planets, cosmic systems, and swirling clouds of interstellar gas. People in a general sense need to associate with some inestimable connection more noteworthy than themselves. There are several uncertain puzzles on how the stars are formed from the collision and reaction of cloud particles in the space to give the bright light that we see. Shiva Mahakali’s video clip has taken the initiative to demonstrate the birth, life, and death of a star to give a concept of the above process.

I did enjoy the clip because of its clear images that move in a moderated speech to help a learner or any other person watching to connect the various process that takes place during the formation of the stars. The video is also procedural in demonstrating the processes. However, there is a need for a background explanation of what is taking place in the images or use subtitles to explain the process as the clip plays.