Sample Creative Writing Paper on California State University Northridge Planetarium Report

The planetarium situated at CSUN has been fundamental in offering students and the public astronomical shows that are important in understanding the universe, planets, stars and galaxies. Also known as the Bianchi Planetarium, it has been offering presentations and shows for students and the public since 2004 (Mayer 1). CSUN welcomes everyone to its planetarium to offer shows that are related to different astronomical events and topics every Friday. Notably, the planetarium has a quality projector capable of simulating night time sky with brilliance and preciseness (CSUN 1). Furthermore, planets and other sky motions can properly be viewed based on its excellent ability to capture constellations.

Shows and presentations normally begin at 7.30 in the evening and continue at 8.30p.m for subsequent shows. They involve presentations of constellations concerning planets, stars and sometimes even eclipses (Mayer 1). They may be pre-recorded or may involve invited guest speakers to present events related to astronomy. According to the astronomy professor at CSUN Jan Dobias, everyone including the community and other schools have opportunities to present and join CSUN students during shows at the planetarium (Mayer 1). The shows are captivating since they provide constellations of very close views. For example, the Magellan Venus report assessed missions concerning the sister planet of earth. Based on these fascinating shows, people have been motivated to attend them.

CSUN astronomy students earn extra credit when they attend these shows and presentation. As such, every student is encouraged to attend the shows in order to gather astronomical knowledge in a more concise and practical way. Tickets can be bought for anyone wishing to attend these shows. CSUN students’ tickets are sold for 4 dollars for a single show and 7 dollars for 2 shows. Other people are charged 10 dollars for 2 shows and 6 dollars for a single show.


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