Sample Case Studies Paper on Asteroids

Asteroids drastically change the life on earth. One way in which the asteroid impacts have shaped the earth is through crater formation. Over time, these craters erode due to the wind and tectonic shifts thereby altering their appearance, which plays a role in the evolution of the surface of the earth. Massive asteroids have long-term effects on the atmosphere and climate due to the dirt and rocks that fill the atmosphere upon impact. The Dirt and the rock block the sunlight creating a situation of near-permanent darkness. Additionally, the impacts of blocking the sunlight gradually result in winter-like conditions and increased greenhouse gasses (“Long Term Effects of an Asteroid Impact on Earth”, 2016).

Another dangerous asteroid impact effect is the damage of Ozone layer. The energy released by the asteroid object destroys the protective layer increasing the amount of ultraviolet light that reaches the earth. These effects result in biological repercussions such as erythema, changes in plant and animal growth. NASA documents and keeps track of asteroids that can cause the destruction of the earth, atmosphere, and the lives of people in a matter of minutes. Therefore, the government and NASA should continue spending justifiable amount of money focusing on science and technology for the well-being of the world.

However, the spending should be minimal by having cost effectiveness and efficiency strategies. Moreover, we should embrace the Saint Leo Core Value of Stewardship. In this value of responsible stewardship, our creator blesses with abundant resources and one of them is the knowledge and wisdom of every person of the Saint Leo University community. Therefore, we should use the knowledge and wisdom through the encouraging others fill in the pool of shared meaning. By optimizing and using these resources of our community, we can be able to deflect the killer asteroids away from the earth through the gravity tractor and smashing them up.



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