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One of the scientific ways which has helped to study objects such as stars, moons, planets, comets and the matter surrounding the earth atmosphere is through space exploration missions. Likewise, New Horizons mission is helping scientist understand the solar system through invention of first exploration in Pluto.This mission has gone past Jupiter for a gravity improvement and scientific studies and conducted a flyby study of Pluto and its moons which has helped to understand more about the properties and processes of these space objects.

New Horizons explores where Pluto and its environs are located with the other objects in the solar system.As part of an exploration mission that is pending approval from NASA, the spacecraft is expected to travel farther into the Kuiper Belt to survey the icy mini-worlds in that massive area, several light years beyond the Neptune orbit. Astronomers have come up with findings, through this mission, that Pluto and its largest moon have solid surfaces unlike the inner planets closest to sun.

Also by using more advanced cameras like Hubble Space Telescope have come up with four unknown moons of Pluto: Nix, Hydra, Styx and Kerberos which helped to determine the strategy growth of structure and interplay of stars, hot gas, cold dark matter and galactic nuclei(New Horizons 1). Inventers of the space cameras came up with surveys of determining the galaxies e.g. spectroscopic survey targeting K-selected galaxies at z = 2.0-2.7 using the Gemini near-infrared spectrograph (GNIRS).It is helping the United States wind up the first reconnaissance of the solar system since it is the first nation to extend its space craft missions to reach all the planets.


Is it possible to send astronomers in such missions?

How do space craft manage such long distances without collapsing?

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