Sample Admission Essay

As a child, I bounced from activity to activity. Not because I was bored but because I was always looking to learn something new. I tried my hand at almost all activities my school could offer because they were all interesting and fun. High school was not any different. While in High school, I joined many extracurricular activities, even the music club. I found all the classes I took intriguing from American history to physics. I have wanted to be everything from a psychologist to a scientist to a kindergarten teacher. A friend once told me I was a guidance counselor’s most horrible nightmare and looking back at that time I believe I was. I remember feeling like an outcast when everyone had their life figured out after graduating high school. My friends were moving to different states to pursue their dreams and I had not figured out what I wanted to do with my life. It is then that I decided to join a community college. As is with every other student, my first year in college was a transitional period. Making course selection decisions, seeking advisors’ help and effectively managing my time have all been part of the transition process. I have managed to accomplish all these while away from family support structures. I have developed a greater sense of myself as a result, both academically and socially. The experience has been satisfactory and I can attest to both academic and social growth.

Years of experimenting have brought me here applying to join Purdue University. My experience in college was instrumental in gaining a bearing in astronomy. I know more about astronomy than I did when I first joined the college. While in the past I have been experimental with all of my endeavors, my college experience has allowed me to discover my passion in astronomy. I am not the experimental child I was in my earlier years and though it has taken me more time to get here I now know I want. I want to pursue a major in astronomy and Purdue University is the best university for my astronomy course. I hope to deepen and broaden my knowledge in astronomy by attending Purdue University and participating in summer practicums and eventually advance to graduate school for a master degree in astronomy.

My move to Purdue is mainly for academic advancement. While in college, I have made many friends and studied under many great professors. Course work has not been overwhelming nor has it prevented me from pursuing extracurricular activities. However, I do have non-academic reasons for seeking a transfer. College life was comfortable and it felt like home. I am now looking for a challenge and to push myself to experience things and places that are not familiar. Purdue University admits students from all races and all walks of life. I am interested in diversity and learning about other cultures. Diversity is important to me because it will help me in the future to adapt to a diverse working environment.

My transcripts show that I have done well while at college and I am well prepared to meet the academic requirements at Purdue University. I know I will grow academically and in terms of experience while at Purdue and your college of science matches my interests in astronomy and my professional goals.