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Sample Paper on Difference Between Communication and Gendered Communication

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Sample Paper on Difference Between Communication and Gendered Communication



Communication and Gendered Communication





The Difference Between “Communication” and “Gendered Communication.”

Communication is a process which involve passing of information, understanding and meaning from one person or group to another. To perceive, interpret and relate the perception and interpretation to what you know is called understanding. Then doing something to convey that information is sharing; this is all what is involved in communication.

Communication may be classified either as interpersonal or intrapersonal forms. Interpersonal form of communication involves passing of information between people. Group discussion or friends conversation are good examples. Intrapersonal communication is a more complex form which is exchange of information within one’s self. When one repeats what he/she hears or talking to yourself better explains this form of communication.

Men and Women can be taken as two different cultures. In these two cultures, there are hidden rules which govern their way of communication.  Both genders are raised with this rules which brings a huge difference in reaction to what is right.

How communication theories can impact the workplace and our personal and professional relationships.

Adaptive Structuration Theory (AST)

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Organizations in their work places do create rules and resources better known as structures.  Social forms which develop a life of their own are formed from these structures (Johnston, n.d).  The standard of these structures have great effects in decision making and the decisions made have effects on the structures as well.

Critical Theory

This theory is based on the foundation of the assumption that natural state of organizations is conflict. In most cases, employees tend to withstand employers and different departments are always in competition for influence and budget making (Johnston, n.d).  Managements in another hand strive to motivate employees and junior subordinates who mostly need an incitation in order to work well and bring the intended output. In this theory, communication assumes a key role of motivation workers, solving interdepartmental and interpersonal conflicts between employees, problems prevention and giving directives for unification of workforce to achieve goals.

Information Theory

This theory is focused on how information is conveyed with the least number of mistakes possible. Through this theory, one tends to be concerned on the best way to fix information so that it cannot be tampered with or altered. One would as well put relevant measures in confirmation of the information for accuracy. Under this theory, the recipient of the message is held more accountable to the sender of the original version of the communication (Johnston, n.d).

Post-Positive Theory

Post-Positive theory suggests that order is the inherent state of any given organization (Johnston, n.d). This assumption under the post positive theory might bring conflict, insubordination and a lot of misunderstanding in a company which is unacceptable occurrences. Under this theory, communication focuses of information created to make employees obey the rules and working together.

Groupware Theory

This theory advocates that the aged ways of communication can change through fast advancement in technological world.  By the use of computers and mobile phones, employees can communicate easily and the information spread faster thought out the organization even before the employers want it. A good example is when a manager in a meeting might consider promoting a certain employee then rumor could circulate through all employees and it ends up looking true and certain instead of as a consideration. Both positive and negative information might spread throughout different departments even before the main office notifies all stakeholders.

The role gender plays in the communication process

In most cases, communication is affected by the different ways through which men and female do express themselves and interpret each other (Churgai, 2015). It is common to everyone that female use a more indirect and emotional sense that almost equals to uncertainty and less authoritative. On the other hand, males are seen to communicate in a style that is more direct.
Even though the female of communication is seen weaker to that of men, it is also possible to say they do establish a good rapport which entertains responses through their ability to emphasize. Men’s ways of communications or rather conversations tends to go around the independence part of it while female styles shows need to connect themselves.
A major difference between the cultural male and female ways of communication is the volume of emotion in their conversations. Gender based norms which include expression of ones emotions and the styles to which one should communicate are taught in childhood through channels such as interactions with friends and members of family. More specifically, children conversations assist them in learning how to respond to different emotions and finally develop their socio-cognitive comprehension. (Tenenbaun, Ford, Alkhediary 2011)

Gendered communications have been found to comforting as well as supporting one’s ego. By ego support I mean the way someone make others feel nice about their selves and all their accomplishments. Comforting on the other hand is simply the way a person can assist in eradication another person’s distress. Women focus on emphasizing the significance of communication which conveys emotions and one’s feelings. Men gives importance of persuasion and solution offering (Mortenson 2002).
Gendered communications greatly leads to inequality. Based on basic biology knowledge, a lot of professional environments and leadership are valued characteristics for any top position in an organization. Being based on gender, male are seen to naturally possess these traits thus being favored to get to those positions while female are seen to be incompetent thus ignored for such roles.(von Hippel, Wiryakusuma 2011)
How gender played a role in two different communication issues in your own personal or professional experience. Be sure to describe in detail the situation and the role of gendered communication in both examples.
Once at a workplace, the employees decided to take a go-slow until they received a pay rise. A CEO who happened to be a male gave an order to fire every employee who refused to return to work. He did not listen to their grievances. One of the directors who happened to be a female however disagreed with the way the CEO dealt with the issue. According to her, they ought to listen to the grievances first and come up with a way to benefit both the company and the employees. The lady put herself in the shoes of the employees and tried to understand them, while the man only thought of giving an order to end the go-slow, without thinking about the emotional needs of the workers.
When I was a student, one time I got sent ho

[/ihc-hide-content]me because of indiscipline. My mother was very angry and she gave me a very long lecture. However, that did not really bother me. When dad came home in the evening, he grounded me after hearing what had transpired. He also cut off the pocket money I used to receive. While mother’s outburst did not bother me much, my father’s decision really hurt me and I decided to clean up my act. Dad acted as an authoritative figure, his words had a great effect on me. Mother’s words did not have much effect on me, since she talked in an emotional aspect and her words did not seem authoritative enough.




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Sample Paper on Difference Between Communication and Gendered Communication

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Sample Paper on Difference Between Communication and Gendered Communication

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Sample Paper on Difference Between Communication and Gendered Communication

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