Sample Research Paper on Frankenstein

The theme of the sublime personality as the powerful influence of nature is evident in the life of Victor. Victor is moved and greatly cheered by the scenic beauty and becomes dejected in its absence. For instance, the cool mountainous atmosphere refreshes him and revitalizes his spirit whereas the common homely environment reminds him of his college practical. This affinity is significance in respect to the relationship of the monster to nature. The beauty of nature and desire to escape from his responsibility is short-lived foreshadows worse tragedy in Victor’s life. Sublime experience of nature further reminds Victor of his mistake to emulate the natural forces of creation.

In the readings, the author compels the reader to reconsider the issue of monstrousness. Victor’s state of ambivalence reveals the extent to which he is remorseful and selfish, more so, in light of the monster’s transformation to a human figure. The monster’s understanding of his present world compels him to seek revenge on his creator and make a demand for a suitable companion, which to Victor is unfathomable practical he is willing to undertake. Referring to the creature as a monster is therefore indistinctly immoral, similar to insisting that Victor is humane. Though Victor is a human, he is cruel, whereas the monster, though ugly is loveable. Through the readings, therefore, it becomes difficult to distinguish the monstrousness in Victor and humanity in the monster.