Sample Paper on Sexual Violence Awareness

Everyone is invited to attend Take Back the Night event that is mainly aimed at supporting sexual violence awareness. This time round the event will take place in Humanities Plaza at 8:00. The last event took place in the University of Dayton on 18th 2016. Similarly, this event addressed rape and violence against women. Sexual violence among women is a critical issue that needs to be constantly addressed. It affects women across all ages, ethnic groups, races, and economic backgrounds among others. Sexual assault deprives women of the dignity and purpose in the contemporary society. In relation to dignity, sexually assaulting women means that they are not respected people in the society. Furthermore, sexual assault, violence, and rape promote inequality.

For these reasons, Professor Suzanne Lacy established the rape prevention program in 1978 mainly aimed at addressing violence, rape, and assault issues. This year’s program will be used to raise awareness aimed at supporting all survivors of sexual violence. Survivors are equally important people in the society and should be fully supported. This is because they normally suffer from trauma and stress related disorders after they experience such awful events. Women are the gender that is most vulnerable to sexual violence, rape, and assault. As such, use of programs that address this issue would go a long way in making women feel respected and promote dignity. Evidence shows that supporting sexual violence survivors by providing quality treatment and care makes them to recover effectively. Furthermore, they would feel closer to their family members after experiencing such traumatic events. The use of sexual violence resource centers could be one way to effectively treat survivors.

In support of Professor Suzanne’s rape prevention program, all are invited to attend the Take Back the Night event scheduled to be held in Humanities Plaza at 8:00. Let us come and support this important initiative.