Sample Paper Assignment on Iliad


The books 7 and 8 are quite interesting as they focus on the battles between Hektor and Aias. The basis for these battles is satisfaction of the gods, as they desire to choose champions. The tone applied in the books is lofty. This tone is useful as it sets the mood and the themes on matters of life, death, and fate. This is evident in grand phrases and in plenty of proclamations (Homer 83). The poem has some instances of humor. This is illustrated in the petty rivalries of the gods and the actions of the mortal characters. The major theme highlighted in the books is the glory of war. When it becomes apparent that Hector is very strong, the troop goes ahead and analyzes the strength of every fighter thereby highlighting the ranks of the champions. This activity highlights Ajax as stronger than Hector. The theme of the glory of war further highlights the role of the gods as they endow man with superhuman strength. Love and friendship are also evident after the war when both men exchange gifts to show respect to each other and to the gods.

An omniscient narrator who speaks in the third person perspective narrates these events. The narrator becomes useful in the books as the reader gains the ability to access the mind of every character, including the minds of the gods. This perspective is useful as it allows the reader gain insight into the thought and feelings of the gods, the characters, and the mortals. For instance, the reader comes to acknowledge the prowess of the gods as they influence the battlefield, thereby preventing bloodshed. The will of the gods in the book is the need to obtain the best of the characters of the mortals. In this case, Diomedes is the preferred hero because he is a strong warrior, faithful to the gods and loyal to his leader (Homer 303-4). With the choice of the gods, faithful warriors are more preferred than the entire armies are.


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