Sample Movie Review Paper on “Sunday in the Park with George”

The play, Sunday in the Park with George, by George Seurat, displays an exceptional work of art that is brilliant through its use of instruments and vocals presenting a musical brilliance accompanying a good storyline of the paintings. The excellent design presents the cast in a brilliant and more adorable manner coinciding with the painting and the soothing music that prevails throughout the play. The transition of the whole play is presented with more creativity providing a chronological sequence of the scene for instance the first act presents to us the lead actors; George Seurat and the Mistress, Dot. We are transited through their lives and their Sunday experience in the park. The climax of the first act is when the individuals demonstrate how the reached the famous pose in the painting capturing everyone’s attention. Unlike in the first act, the second act is filled with several allusions, insights, and elation 100 years after the Sunday in the park experience.

The most fascinating thing with this production is the creativity of the visualization employed by the producer as well as the musicality employed to enable an individual to feel as if he is part of the cast. The images and sound enable the story to have a steady plot while in the process giving the lead actor enough time to present a stunning performance on stage. The paintings, largely consisting of people; young girls, artists, soldiers developed before revealing themselves in the final scene.

Presentation of the themes is also greatly portrayed as in the scene where George is seen to be more committed to his work while Dot is presented as a lover who is ignored. However, the love between them is evident despite the commitment to his work and lack of feeling expression by George. The emotional prevalence as occasioned by the two songs “Finishing the Hat” and “Move on.” Dot produced the best act, her funny jokes and moves on stage keep the play lively. The producer enabled the audience to separate between the actual act where George put together the rest of the cast in the painting and the consequences that came about to his life as a result of interacting with all those people.

The conveyance of the dialogue was greatly scripted and transited by the cast making several outbursts from the cast who from my own personal viewpoint were entertained throughout the whole presentation. The passion and creativity presented by the cast enable the audience to easily follow the precision of the scenes which are filled with a portrayal of traditional romance. Some cast members were playing double roles which the audience could directly identify making the producer and the regard to professional production seem to have failed.

The necessity of these two plays being played in two different contexts with 100 years separating the first scene from the second makes the play seem to have been played by two different generations. Playing with the same cast in both acts therefore is somehow unrealistic based on the differentiation of ages. The lack of solutions for the problems undergone by the various actors in the play when at the same their problems are displayed is also another shortcoming on the part of the producer. The soothing music in the play entertains the people regardless of the actions they are involved in. it offers no solution but rather makes them continue with whatever they are involved in.