Sample Essay Paper on Daniel Scott Tysdal Biography

Daniel Scott Tysdal is a well-known poet from Canada who was born on 26th may 1978. Born in Moose Jaw, he grew up for a good portion of his life on a farm. However, this did not deter his dream and ambition in life and thus steered himself to achieve academical excellence in the field of creative writing. In 2003, he received his first degree in Saskatchewan(University of Regina ). Later he received his M.A (English) and M.A (creative writing field) from Acadia and Toronto University respectively. He is a current residence of Toronto and has had inspiring talks and also lectures at The University of Toronto.

Scott has a unique style of writing and expressing poetry. One of them being the fauxccasional poems that he writes about a fake occasion. One of his writers Fiorentino once wrote that Scott uses a mix of style that encompasses visual artistic styles, mythology, pop culture and also a thoughtful touch. This uniqueness expresses Scott as an author who brings back to life old memories into a modernized world and creating a picture on how the new scenario sympathizes with the realistic occasion.

Some of his writings include:

  1. Predicting the Next Big Advertising Breakthrough Using a Potentially Dangerous Method (2006); Coteau Books
  2. The Mourner’s Book of Albums (2010); Tightrope Books
  3. Fauxccasional Poems (2015); icehouse poetry
  4. Dear Adolf (2012); Steel Bananas
  5. The Writing Moment: A Practical Guide to Creating Poems (2013); Oxford University Press Canada.

Having looked at his website, it is accurate, specific and very simple. He is sober when it comes to gender; he is not biased. From sample articles, he has a humanitarian heart in the work especially in the given lectures, and he has a big heart in teaching, directly expressing what he wants the reader to learn and interpret. For sure the world right now needs such authors who are humanitarian, selfless and genuine in their passion. Scott is such.



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