Sample Essay Paper on American Art

  1. Relation of “Mestizo” and “Mestizaje” in relation to American Art

“Mestizo” also referred to as Castizo, is a term that is used to describe a person with both the European Spanish and Native American ancestry. This term was commonly used by the Latin Americans who used the term “Mestizo” to refer to the children of Native Americans and European Spanish parents. During this time, paintings were presented in a series of 16 single canvases or as one canvass that had been divided into 16 different compartments. Most of the paintings were of men, women and children who represented the racial integration between the Native Americans and the European Spanish people. Inscriptions are also written on the paintings to indicate the racial integration among the Mestizo people. Most of the paintings did not only focus on the racial integration but also on the different existing socioeconomic classes.

The term “Mestizaje” has been described by Nestor Garcia as intercultural mixing. In addition, the term was also common in the 20th century as it was used to characterize the Mexican culture and traditions. Mestizaje artwork constitute visual arts with religious meaning that represent the cultural and other customs of both the Indigenous and Spanish people. The artwork indicates power in the evolving intercultural relations in Latin America.

  1. How the colonial process in America has affected the American’s identity in creating artwork

Most of today’s artwork in America have been influenced by the colonial process that took place in America. Major part of it is intertwined with Christianity as the painters produce paintings with pictographic texts that represent the Christian religion. The indigenous artists have also renovated most of the colonial artwork with Native idiosyncrasies. For instance, the churches, sculptures, pulpits and altarpieces that could be found in paintings during the colonial areas have today been subtly Americanized with flowers and fruits

  1. Reason for using the terms applied to Latin America to USA as well

The terms that were applied to Latin America have been adopted by the United States of America with the main intent of preserving the historical intercultural relations and artistic works of the Latin American culture. This also signifies USA’s appreciation and preservation of the traditions, cultures and myths of the Latin American people.