Sample Essay Paper on Advertising and the Design of the American Jewish Experience

Having read this week’s reading, I can tell that the different authors are aiming at communicating a message through the images but in an indirect way. An n image is a good representation of a message that is intended for particular viewers. The viewers have to be keen enough to crack the message in the images. Each work tells a story of its own of what has gone already, what is happening at the moment or what is intended to happen in the near future. In the reading ‘more than advertising’ as from the tittle the work has more than just advertising. It is something that is considered of great importance especially when it comes to dealing with sales.


The image is by Bojan Maric Graffiti and street art. It is an image whose background gives a good and direct message describing what is to happen. It is very clear on the advertisement it is making using the words and also the image of the people on it. The image is in line with the weeks reading and giving a clear picture of an advertisement.

CRAAP Annotation.”Kerri Steinberg, “Introduction to Jewish Mad Men : Advertising and the Design of the American Jewish Experience. 2015.

C (urrency): “Introduction to Jewish Mad Men” This article was first published in 2015. The aim of the article is applicable as in today’s society, passing of information through arts and imagery

R (elevance): It is in detailed relevant in the message it displays in its content.

A (uthor): Kerri Steinberg was among many other things a professor of art history.

A (ccuracy): The information is from a reliable source that is Otis College of art and design.

P (urpose/point of view): The message passed in the article achieves its intended purpose because when using image to pass it is clear to the observers.