Sample Essay on Learning to Look

Formal Analysis

This cake is simply structured as it is composed of a single focal point. The observer is able to move her eyes from the top of the cake to the bottom structure. The eye movement captures the various colors included in each of the cakes and the cylindrical white plates of the cakes. The surface is greatly contrasting the bright colors of the cakes and the stand. The light applied is natural and soft. This light seems to be coming from the forefront. Hence, the shadows cast are on the opposite side, which is the background. There is a range of colors from a shade of white to the mid-brown. This further ensures that the product remains bright all through. There is a shallow space between the cups in every tier. This sense removes the void that may be present in the product. Thin lines have been used to make the outline of the product. The lines bring out the smooth texture of the advertisement.

From the point, the cake is symmetrically divided into two. This implies that both sides of the focal point are equal. The symmetry extends to the cup cakes and the plates. All these have a defined curved shape. The cake is made of three-tiered cup cakes. One-cup cake makes up the top tier. There are four-cup-cakes at the second tier and five cup-cakes at the first tier. These cakes are simply made of different bright and attractive colors. There are shades of green, blue, brown, and golden. All these give the cakes an inviting and artificial appearance. From a distance, the impression made is that of different tastes of cakes incorporated into a big one (Taylor, 3).


The main goal of the advert is to emphasize the components used in the making of the walls of the Great Britain. There are rich colors in different components. The stand is unique as it is different from the simple straight stand. This emphasizes the materials and the richness of the walls. The marketer has eventually attained this goal. This is because of the use of the cake product and the colors and artwork incorporated together to bring harmony and richness in the entire product (Taylor, 44). The product is attractive and is useful in the maintenance of the traditions during celebrations. The marketer has also ensured that the cake stand in unique. Instead of having the simple straight stand, the marketer has created a curved ends out of the stand. This is to add aesthetic value to the product. The stand has also been colored golden. This is to add some warm feelings, which is part of the emotions to be relayed in the consumption. Below the product, the marketer has engraved some words. This is to add the feelings and the purpose of the product. From the message, it is clear that the marketer is proud of Great Britain. He is comparing the beautiful tiers of the cake with the walls of Great Britain.


The product to be advertised is the cupcakes on a three tiers. The advert contains ten-cup cakes on a three tier and a note emphasizing the greatness in the wall of Great Britain. From the advert, it is clear that the marketer desired to draw attention to Great Britain. This is because she has included a note to refer the cake as a creation of the walls of the Great Britain. The use of different cup cakes may be a sign of different and great components, which have been used in the baking of the cake. The rich colors applied may be a show of the richness of the Nation or the value the walls may be adding to the nation. The cake has been simply made out of complex colors and materials. This may be a show of the true nature of the nation. In as much as artificial colors have been incorporated, the cake is still attractive to the desired group and period; children and celebration times. The use of cakes as a media advert is crucial. This is because cakes are mostly inviting to everyone. Cakes are also delicious and valuable. They are mostly used in celebrations such as birthday parties and weddings. It is a show of love from the receiver to the sender. Hence, by using a cake, the message is well relayed as the traditions are kept. Therefore, this cake is a significant product for marketing and artwork.




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