Sample Essay on Frankenstein

Family relations as individual achievements are greatly contrasted with the monster’s isolation. Although Victor has a loving family, he is isolated from the rest of the society due to his well-kept secret, which ultimately results in disaster. It is interesting how the monster convinces Victor to comply with the request he makes. Contrary to the previous tone, the monster is reasonable and his desire is humanly noble. The monster wishes that he would lead a scrupulous life and avoid violence and revenge, which are repercussions of his loneliness. Both the monster and Victor, as slaves to isolation, desire to lead a normal life as reflected by the monster’s command and Victor’s compliance.

Companionship is an indication in the reading for a fulfillment of individual and family hopes and expectations. Victor hopes to be liberated from impenetrable solitude while the monster wishes to overcome his miserable wretch. Companionship serves as a signal for restoration and the beginning of new life. It is, however, absurd that Victor hopes to marry Elizabeth immediately on his return from England whereas his future is greatly dependent on the monster’s wishes, which he is yet to accomplish. The fact that Victor’s family is in danger yet he fails to mention to them depicts his selfishness. In his narration, Victor speaks of Clerval as a memory to foreshadow the catastrophic consequence of his deception. While motivated by humanitarian concerns, Victor’s decision to desert his second creation leaves the reader with mixed emotions. His act renders him a slave of his creation and further suggests how his fate will become the final catastrophe.