Sample Essay on Art

In life, I have gained a lot of experiences majorly  in the field of arts, I am certain that much of my experience was through my high school teacher Mr. B. He was a substantial teacher who always embraced W. Somerset Maugham “every production of an artist should be expression of an adventure of his soul.” I was really poor in other subjects, I could not get discouraged because my passion was how to become a greater artist. I cannot forget the number of times I was punished by other teachers because of drawing in every of my note books. However, my arts teacher’s words and jokes about my eyes and that I had a pair of piecing watchful eyes that seemed destined for greatness inspired me in arts.

My prodigious talent for drawing at St. Johns High School led to my transfer to School of Fine Art, I felt a pinch because I could no longer see and interact with Mr. B. Alternatively, they deed to my interest in arts. My entrance exam was such extra ordinary that I was given an exception and admitted. I started attending classes, lessons were joyful and I really enjoyed. Instructions were so clear, I did needed any repetition of instructions.  Only to some complex drawing which I had no otherwise but ask for clarity to avoid errors.

I learnt many skills in St. Johns, which included; drawing, sketching and painting. Moreover, freedom to express ourselves and basic art skills. My class required use of a pencils, different paints and drawing books. I remember a number of times I chafed with strict St. Johns’ rules and formalities.

The school had three Holidays in a year, after three months were given a break of one month with holiday assignments that entitled to 30% of our exams marks that were added to 70% end semester exams to mark a total of 100 %. Efforts, fair evaluations on crafts membership, concepts, catch, composition, contrast, challenges and quality of work were assessed fairly using 6 C’s. Grading was done on the criteria of performance ranging (A-F).

Art painting project was my best project, it was unexpected to resonate so well with many people including my instructors, fellow artists and radicals. My project reflected my entire ambitions of being an artist. It made my dreams come true. Teamwork was always my best because it enabled me learn more new skills and communication skills were improved and enhanced in general.

Through my art education in high School and in Art School of St. Johns I came to realize that art is more than painting, drawing, and sketching. One has to be more creative and innovative to outstand others in the same field. I have always accepted challenges besides being ready to be corrected by instructors and always trying to be unique in everything I undertake. I made extra income while in school by selling my painted works. Nevertheless, I helped out young new artist and inspired them by making them realize their potential in art education and live towards their dreams. In addition, I accepted roles, for example being a group leader in my painting class. However, I could skip classes and roam in nearby city.

The art can influence opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time. Moreover, it can enhance communication through images and be a vehicle for social change.