Sample Essay on Arguments

      1. Some of the key elements of an argumentative essay are that it should have a clear premise that is made known to the reader at the beginning of the essay; the argument should be made the outline; objections should be considered and addressed appropriately; get a feedback on the essay from peers before submitting; and some modesty should be expressed when making the final premise in the argument.
      2. There are various differences between a written argument and oral argument. One of the differences is that the preparation of an argumentative essay and its presentation to the reader is a private affair. The person forwarding the argument and the one reading or considering it do not interact in person(Weston, Anthony 69). A written argument leaves the reader with a lot of time to ponder on the message and argument being passed across by the writer. On the other hand, the preparation of an oral argument is private while its presentation to the public is a public. The person presenting the oral argument is constrained by time, and if the presentation is to have an impact on the audience, a good rapport needs to be established between the presenter and the audience.
      3. A good definition is one that contains clear cases and not tainted by moral leanings. A definition driven by a person’s moral compass or interests is usually not correct or effective, as it tends to display and favour their bias in the subject(Weston, Anthony 83). A good example of how a definition can go wrong is in defining what a living thing is. There are a number of properties that can be mentioned to define a living thing; they consume food as fuel, breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide, can move and so on. It is interesting to note that internal combustion engine vehicle also exhibits all of the mentioned behaviours. This clearly, does not mean that a vehicle is a living thing.


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