Sample Creative Writing Paper on Classical Mythology

Over millennia, art has been utilized in conveying meaning where words could not or to accentuate the meaning of words. Art is a pictorial representation of an event and is utilized in shaping imagination as well as history. Art thus enables us to have a pictorial representation of events that transcend time and place and thus gain a perspective from which to analyze past events and their knowledge to the present. Art is thus a power tool, and in this report, classical mythology stories are analyzed and related to the course material.

Classical mythology comes from a classical period. These stories are mythological in that they are fictitious and consist of fantasies or supernatural events occurring. All these stories have commonality in that they have heroes who originally did not set out to be heroes, but who were chosen for a great cause. These heroes have exceptional skills that make them seem abnormal, and even when they do eventually pass on, their stories and deeds are still remembered for years to come. Usually, these heroes are linked to a birth influenced by extranormal events linked to the biblical world. Through a comprehension of the classical world, one derives an understanding of the genesis of Western philosophy, literature, and institutions.

The star wars franchise is perhaps one of the widely watched classical mythologies of modern time depicting the struggles of people in a galaxy far away as well as their quest of defeating evil. The force is in imbalance as a result of the evils of the Sith, who want to influence the Senate and control all the trade routes and systems in the galaxy. As with most classical mythologies, we see that there is evil to be fought, and evil is seen as winning. The star wars franchise has a connection to the biblical end-times when there will be much terror and death.

The franchise stars Anakin Skywalker, a hero born without a father’s presence and who was prophesied to be the savior responsible for bringing power back to the force. As can be seen, Skywalker’s birth had a supernatural presence, as conception happened without a male presence. Skywalker is a gifted child who does things that a normal boy cannot do, indicating that he might truly be the chosen one. The film is thus representative of the biblical messiah, a child born of the Virgin Mary and who would come to save earth and rule for a thousand years.

The plot of Star Wars builds on the fantasy world. First, it is filled with princesses, chivalry, and knighthood as exhibited by the Jedi who were sworn to maintain the peace. The Jedi also have light sabers and almost magical powers that lead many to believe that one cannot kill a Jedi. We see Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s master also rising from the dead and coming to help Luke Skywalker. Just like in most classical mythologies also, we see the ‘good side’ being favored by the force. This good side favors democracy, and based on the World War I and II setting of the sequel; it is easy to see who the world considered the good side.

Ultimately, the Star Wars franchise borders on the mythical and brings a similar theme to the fore; that whenever there is discrimination a person with divine power will come to bring justice and balance. Moreover, good always triumphs over evil, as can be seen throughout the movie where the rebels can resist the empire at every instance. The movie thus uses a parallel setting many years ago to depict the struggles of modern time, especially in the World Wars.